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Notice of Nirvana Stupa

This is an official announcement that Nirvana Stupa Sakyant had ceased operations in Singapore on rituals and our well known Traditional Sakyant services and from now we will be doing more on sales of amulets, wholesale & supplies.

Hereby wish to thanks many who had grown up with us all these years, we will all miss you and hopefully my venture in our neighbourhood country will be a great success and can revive back the memories of us together ! Once again, greatly thanks and appreciate to all the support that is shown and given by u guys ! U r just simply great !!!

30/09/2014 - < < < NIRVANA STUPA SALES > > >

Rian Silver Longya Be2537 of Luang Phor Pern Wat BangPhra.

1) Full set of 3 colors all of same number(same numbers only 99 sets). No. 2822

2) Green Wrapped thick Gold no. 2831

3) Green Wrapped thick Gold no. 1931

4) Blue Wrapped thick Gold no. 1931

5) Blue no. 112

6) Red No. 556

Interested parties pls pm.

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***Serial code : NSR 004/9/14***

Item Description : Phra Khun Phaeng

Material : Mixture of various materials including Bailan (burnt old Buddhist scriptures), Nur Wan Sao Long (for senah), sacred powder of old Supanburi Bangkrang KP, Twin takruts for luckand metta etc

Size : Approx 5cm in height and 3cm wide.

Master : Luang Phor Perm

Temple : Wat Pom Keow

Province : Ayutthaya

Year : BE 2552 (5yrs ago, 2009)

Details of batch :

Much need to be explain about LP Perm as he was well known since BE2544 when he consecrated the batch of Phra Phom amulets which is efficacious and brought good experiences. He is presently a senior monk in Ayutthaya province and always being invited to major consecrations of amulets.

Functions :
Metta, metta maha niyom, senah and luck.

Amount available : 53pcs

Renting price : 30sgd inclusive of postage to Singapore and Bro Eddie Lim will meet u for collection.

Lastly, please kindly read the followings before you make reservation.

***Disclamer : Please kindly screenshots of the proof of transfer after doing money transfer to UOB personal savings Acc No. 354-106-325-9 WITHIN 14 days of reservation & kindly provide name, mobile no. & address to be send to.

We reserve the rights not to let rent to those who had bad records of delayed payments & those who failed to reply upon request of payments.

All reservations are to made thru comments here and not thru pm or other forms of social networking software.


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29/09/2014 - News Flash!

Another forecast! KP BE2552 with twin takruts by LP Pern Wat Phom Keow, top monk of Ayutthaya who done the famous be2544 Phra Phom.

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28/09/2014 - News Flash!

Coming soon! Hope enough to supply!!!

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27/09/2014 - News Flash!

LP Maha Surasak Lun Fa Da Cai Gold set. Limited made. Consists of a real gold rian FA DA CAI, a rian silver longya Red with real gold mask and a round FA DA CAi rian.

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26/09/2014 - News Flash!

Forecast! 78 masters chanted in Saraburi during BE2514.

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24/09/2014 - < < < NIRVANA STUPA SALES > > >

***Serial code : NSR 003/9/14***

Item Description : Nok Hoo (holy owl)

Material : Fossil Mai Niu Dum aka sacred black wood which is fossil of thousand over years.

Size : Approx 2cm

Temple : Monastry (Memorial establishment)

Province : Sakon Nakhon

Year : BE 2547 (10yrs ago, 2004)

Master : Luang Pu Supa Kan Tat Si Lor

Details of batch :
As told by Phra Ajarn Daeng, disciple of LP Supa, present abbot of the monastry of LP Supa, LP Supa learnt the magic of consercation of these holy owl from Luang Pu Suk Wat Pak Klong Makhamtao but didn't make them as the main reason being that he was afraid that many will misabuse this item for gambling purposes as it is efacious in this field. It was only til be2547 that LP Supa swear only to make this only batch as in not to left this magic dies off and be kept by affinited devotees (you maybe one of them if u own this).

Functions :
Metta, metta maha niyom, senah and luck are also the main of this holy owl. As most great masters did, combined magic with the natural energy from the material (which is fossil black wood in this case) to maximise the speed and effectiveness.

Amount available : 30pcs over pcs left in temple from an amt of 299pcs made from this material apart of the original emrald & leklai lair which i had let rent before.

Renting price : 168 sgd inclusive of delivery from Thailand to Singapore & Malaysia (u no need to check elsewhere to compare prices as we are being authorised as the only dealer to handle the unrelease batches as kept by LP Supa)

SPECIAL price of 150 sgd for those who had ever rented LP Supa amulets from me.

Lastly, please kindly read the followings before you make reservation.

***Disclamer : Please kindly screenshots of the proof of transfer after doing money transfer to UOB personal savings Acc No. 354-106-325-9 WITHIN 14 days of reservation & kindly provide name, mobile no. & address to be send to.

We reserve the rights not to let rent to those who had bad records of delayed payments & those who failed to reply upon request of payments.

All reservations are to made thru comments here and not thru pm or other forms of social networking software. ONLY reserve & commit if you want and if not please do not reserve & let others have it***

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21/09/2014 - < < < NIRVANA STUPA SALES > > >

***Serial code : NSR 002/9/14***

Item Description : Luang Pu Thuad

Material : Gelaitong (gold plated)

Size : Approx 2cm

Temple : Wat Changhai

Province : Pattani

Year : BE 2524 (33yrs ago, 1981)

Master : Mass chanted. Famous masters involved :

1) Phor Tan Chin of Wat Muang
2) Phor Tan Nian of Wat Tong Liap
3) Luang Phor Dum of Wat Tu Yong
4) Luang Phor Moon of Wat Kao Daeng
5) Luang Phor Daeng of Wat Srimahapor
6) Ajarn Nong of Wat Sai Kao
7) Ajarn Tong of Wat Sampaocher

The above-mentioned are just a few to name that is involved in this mass consecration and one of the biggest event held in history of Wat Changhai.

Details of batch :

Hereby I should not touch much on history of Luang Pu Thuad. Kindly refer to

Luang Pu Thuad is most well know in Southern thailand due to his efacious magic and wisdom which there is always a saying that even a fake amulet works as long as it bears an image of LPT.

Hereby i personally need to clear some myths on LPT amulets. Thru years til now, there is always saying as such (maybe u had heard) versions as in wearing LPT must be very pure, no liquor, no gambling (some even say, u will lose if wear LPT), no KTVs, no eating of beef, etc

I should take an opportunity to clear this myths. In general, not only to LPT amulets, what we wear is apart from yr karma, u do d, u get gd karma, u do bad, u deserves bad karma. So meaning if u wear a Somdej, then u can go gamble and sure win???

Another myths, always ppl only think of protection is the only function of LPT amulets which is totally wrong. All amulets are chanted with the main function of protection as all masters wants the well being of their disciples. Not only LPT amulets. If u had notice, there are many rich and famous, wearing LPT as their daily wear as LPT do help the wearer, gives metta, luck, good health and smooth sailing to the wearer. The best main function is to handle black magic, bad intentions and back stabbers, i personally guarantee it works super well in his field !

In short, the theory is give the best to wearer and same time protect him or her from dangers and evil.

This famous batch of BE2524 has the most important wahn which was used to make the famous 1st batch BE2497 LPT of Wat Changhai by Ajarn Tim which this was well kept by Ajarn Nong of Wai Sai Kao which is stated in the will of the former and thus Ajarn Nong sponsorsed out this important ingredient to make this batch efacious and in Thailand, this batch has becomes a collector item and also for daily wear purposes.

Functions : ALL ROUNDER (yes i am saying this, no bullshit and u can ask ur local dealers who are claimed experts to see if they know this as i think i didn't waste and spend my years in Thailand getting the wrong info for sure)

Source: These was acquitted from an old collector who is a living disciple of Ajarn Nong and has well respect for the clan of LPT. 1,000,000% genuine ! (my repo doesn't makes me to sell fake amulets thru all these years for sure)

Amount available : 20pcs (i am keeping 28 for myself as i look at it as a precious amulet)

Renting price : 108 sgd (lowest u can get!) inclusive of delivery from Thailand to Singapore & Malaysia (u can check the market price which is selling for at least 200 upwards)

Pls kindly read before you make reservation.

***Disclamer : Please kindly screenshots of the proof of transfer after doing money transfer to UOB personal savings Acc No. 354-106-325-9 WITHIN 14 days of reservation & kindly provide name, mobile no. & address to be send to***

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15/09/2014 - Amulet for Rent!

14/09/2014 - Amulet for Rent!

13/09/2014 - News flash!

Have to the honor to receive this rare Sanemkeow Phra Naprok of Luang Pu Supa from Phra Ajarn Daeng for a good buddy.

12/09/2014 - Bid it. If you can!

This is a bidding item

Description : 1st batch 3rd block of LP Daeng

Monk : Luang Phor Daeng

Temple : Wat Kao Bandai It

Province : Petchburi

Year Made : 2503 (this year is 2557)

Starting Bid : 200sgd

Minimum bid : NA

Closing : 13th Sep @ 2359hrs

History of LP Daeng

Luang Phor Daeng, also known by his official title of Phra Kru Yan Wilas was born in B.E.2421 (under the sign of the Cock) in Petchaburi province, Thailand. He was one of 12 offspring of a poor peasant family.

Due to severe poverty his parents were unable to afford the expense of sending him to school but at the age of 20 he enrolled at the local Buddhist school (In that era Buddhist schools in rural areas would take the responsibility to provide the young with an education.

The following year, aged 21, he was ordained a monk at Wat Khao Bandai-It. He spent the following 38 years of monastic life in self modification and cultivation. Daeng like other Buddhist monks lived a calm and quiet life studying Dhamma.

Luang Phor Daeng was a very close disciple of Luang Phor Plian, the Abbot of Wat Khao Bandai-it who passed away in BE 2461. Daeng, as he was affectionly known, assumed the role of Abbot, aged 40. He continued to study, Dhamma and magic under Luang Phor Chui of Wat Kongkaram, sometimes called the greatest guru of Petchaburi province.

Daengs notoriety and popularity grew during a severe epidemic which afflicted the local farming community in BE 2477. Livestock was consumed by the plague and as a result the very livelihood of the already poor community was in serious jeopardy.

The villagers panicking in despair asked for the assistance of LP Daeng. Using the acquired skills and managed to overcome the catastrophe (he made out many talismans for the farmers, telling them to place the charms into cages with the ill animals). His reputation and popularity began to rise. News spread and farmers from neighborhoods also came to ask for the merciful and special talismans.

From then on, Wat Kao BanDai-It styed flourished. Worshippers and devotees came pouring in with offerings. Such were his deeds and benefits to the ordinary people that earned him the reputation which traveled far and wide.

Amulets consecrated by Luang Phor Daeng are known to have help save many lives from road accidents. It is reported that no victims of road deaths have ever been found to have been wearing LP Daeng's amulets.

Another well reported event was the incident of a parachutist who jumped from a plane, but his chutes failed to deploy. Inexplicably the strong prevailing wind blew him into safely into a swamp and survived. he wearing the LP Daeng Somdej amulet.

Petchburi province in Thailand was known to be violent, with many conflicts settled with guns. It was said the LP Daeng Somdej amulet acted as an invisible force or bullet proof jacket with bullets being unable to penetrate human flesh. Miraculous incidents were widely reported and prices rose rapidly

In WWII, LP Daeng created and presented his Pha Yants (magic clothes) and Takruts to Soldiers and people. When the Japanese troop landed in PraChuabKiriKhan Province which borders Petchburi, a small group of soldiers and patriotic people fought fearlessly, yet remained unharmed due to LP Daeng's amulets.

For almost 40 years this amulet has been proven time and time again to be one of the most efficacious amulets of the modern era, providing the wearer with Klaew Klaad (free from all harm) and Kong KraphanChatri (invincibility).

LP Daeng released many batches of amulets right up to his death in BE 2517. He passed away at 96 having served Buddhism for 76 years. The coffin with his remains is still at Wat Kao Bandai It and many people visit to honour the venerable monk.

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11/09/2014 - Bid it. If you can!

10/09/2014 - Amulet 4 Rent!

New batch of rians by Luang Pu Boon Nah of Sakon Nakhon. Consercated on 31st August and sponsorsed by 2 main goldsmiths on the materials. Every pc have a genuine diamond on the chiwon of LP himself. At present, only Nur Alpaka (silver mixed lead) is available for rent. Amt made as follows :

Gold rian (weight of 28 gms) - 99pcs (rented out)

Gold mask silver rian - 199 (rented out)

Silver rian - 199pcs (rented out)

Nawa rian - 199pcs (rented out)

Alpaka rian - 2999pcs (available but limited)

This batch is sponsorsed for the building and restoration works of the museum of Luang Pu Mun (famous forest monk in Tudong clan) of Wat Pah Sattawas. Luang Pu Boon Nah is the disciple of Luang Pu Mun and same as Maha Boowa, both uphold the fame of Forest monastry thru all these years.

I reckon those who knows abt and have worn amulets of Luang Pu Phang (Wat Pah Sen Tit) who is famous for his wicha 'Pan Te Lok' aka 'always pass' should by now don't doubt the wicha of these Tudong masters. This batch is consider for the wearers to be well being, safe and sound and do things smoothly in life.

Hereby letting rent the rian Alpaka (pics attached) for combined tamboon. Each pc is coded with running serial number and have a genuine diamond inserted on the Chiwon of the LP Boon Nah in the image. I had told the tenple to give us til this Sunday (14th September) for us to gather and Luang Pu Boon Nah has no issues on that.

Renting price of the rian Nur Alpaka is 55sgd per pc (Inclusive of 5sgd for registered mailing or dispatch). Please kindly post here if u r interested in this batch of rians

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This pc is converted as a bidding item as requested.

Description : Phra Somdej Roop Meung Lun Rian Saleng (coin batch)

Monk : Luang Phor Phrom

Place : Nakhon Sawan

Year : BE2516

Fuctions : for warding black magic, against back stabbers and improve luck.

Starting Bid : 80sgd

Minimum bid : NA

Closing bid : 11th September @ 1pm sharp.

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08/09/2014 - Amulet 4 Rent!

1st batch Jumbo Salika of KB Baeng made in BE2536 of Mong Dum material. This phim of real gold takrut was only made 5 pcs then. Personally rebless by KB Baeng. Interested parties do pm!

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06/09/2014 - Amulet 4 Rent!

1st batch rian of Luang Pu Kaew Wat Soon Thong Pradip made in BE2522. Kindly pm for wholesale or individual collection.

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Phra Rod BE2506 of the famous Lun Ser Dek Krap (swimming batch as most will known it as) by Luang Pu Supa and co chanted with Ajarn Chum & Ajarn Bao Eng. 100% genuine from Luang Pu Supa and keep by Phra Ajarn Daeng (under stocks of LP). Interested parties could pm via Facebook!

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05/09/2014 - Amulet 4 Rent!

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