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Notice of Nirvana Stupa

This is an official announcement that Nirvana Stupa Sakyant had ceased operations in Singapore on rituals and our well known Traditional Sakyant services and from now we will be doing more on sales of amulets, wholesale & supplies.

Hereby wish to thanks many who had grown up with us all these years, we will all miss you and hopefully my venture in our neighbourhood country will be a great success and can revive back the memories of us together ! Once again, greatly thanks and appreciate to all the support that is shown and given by u guys ! U r just simply great !!!

29/08/2014 - Amulet 4 Rent!

27/08/2014 - Amulet 4 Rent!

25/08/2014 - News Flash!

23/08/2014 - News Flash!

Dear devotees, finally i will be releasing the last batch rian of Luang Pu Supa Kan Tat Si Lor in BE2555. This is Pidta Maha Larp with Mangmong Riek Sap which means Phra Pidta of Great Luck with Spider Calling Wealth. Mains functions are mainly for luck and attracting wealth. Only have 15pcs on hand and this batch is only made 1 material which is yellow copper.

Renting price is 68sgd per pc and while stocks last!

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22/08/2014 - News Flash!

19/08/2014 - News Flash!

Letting rent 10 pcs of 47th birthday batch of Luang Thia of Wat Klang Nah Bamood and in fact in the market, most thai collectors recognised this as the 1st batch medals of Luang Thia made in BE 2513.

Luang Thia is famous in the Thai community for his ability of inviting 'Green Face General' aka Phor Ser Dek which poses great authority, riches and metta senah. This art was also being taught to his disciple which is AC Meng KP. GFG (Green face General) has the power to attract ppl to come to temple to pray respect to him and wishes made was fulfilled as in fact rhe present bucha in temple was only made 2 pcs being the big and small which the latter was now being kept by the present abbot was already a disciple of Luang Thia since he was 15. The most expensive sort after rians will be his 1st batch personal rian made in be2520 and Phor Sek Dek made in be2519 which are produced less than this batch and thus makes it pricey. This 1st batch was remade in temple abt 5 yrs back but is thicker and longdum meaning black fugimated copper and cost 499 thb per pc. Many rumours was spread after that due to him doing the 2nd batch of GFG which his own master appeared in dream to warn him of life endanger was actually untrue as told by presebt abbot as Luang Thia was a hardworking monk, he exercise his wicha skills in communicating with GFG to help while himself always helping ppl and charity concerned and also rumours of Luang Thia did nmp, using flesh and meat of dead to consercate GFG are also untrue as he is a pure and straight monk due to his Chinese background and thus many old Teochews address him as ?????. Due to his toil lifestyle, Luang Thia always get sick due to his diabetes, heart and lungs problem which passed away rather early and due to his purity, his body is not rot and well kept todate for devotees to pray respects.

This rian is chanted for authority, richness and metta as being bears the image of the 9th King and map of Thailand. These are leftover sticks kept by present abbot and not in counters as counters only have the new version of 499thb. Renting price of this batch of rians (10 available for as i am keeping 5 for myself) is 118 sgd per pc. All original and unworn condition. Guarantee 100% blessed by Luang Thia or some disciple's batches.

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Regarding amulets collections for those that you reserved, please kindly transfer yoyr funds before collections and due date is 19th August for transfer which i have the right to let go to others on the items u had reserved. As for collections, the last day of collection will be 28th of August (that is provided that you had done the transfer).

Collection time will be daily from 12pm to 6pm at my shop (til 25th August). Arrangements of after 6pm please do kindly pm earlier to arrange.

From 26th to 28th August, collection will be at Ang Mo Kio area.

Please kindly take note as in future all amulets will be post out from Thailand to your place by registered mail as i had mentioned that we had cease operation in Singapore. Thanks for the kind understanding.

18/08/2014 - Amulet 4 Rent!

1st batch jumbo Mongdum Salika with real gold takrut and real gems of Kruba Baeng. This size of real good takrut is only 5 pcs made

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17/08/2014 - News Flash for GrandMaster Keow!

16/08/2014 - News Flash for GrandMaster Keow!

Post by ???.

14/08/2014 - News Flash!

The 2nd batch of salikas which i discussed with Kruba Baeng for funding works was well kept from be2540. Consists of 2 materials and we will be letting devotees to be rented as a pair. Material contains soil in the forest of the deva Chao Mae Salika and also the famous Mong Dum material as being used by Kruba Kritsanna (KB Baeng is senior to Kk and the earlier batches of butterflies of KK is being consercated by KB Baeng until be2537 which they split out). Donation renting price is 3000thb for 1 pair as pic shown and this reservation will last til stocks of 300 pcs of both colors or when i go back to take when i return to Thailand abt 3 wks later or which ever comes 1st.

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10/08/2014 - Amulet 4 Rent!

Dear devotees i accidently deleted this thread and understand some of u had reserved.

Back thumbail impression - 228sgd (7 pcs)

Roop Meung 2 faced (Red)- 188sgd (10pcs)

Roop Meung 2 faces = 128 sgd each

88 sgd for each when purchase for more than 2 pcs

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Dear devotees and fans of Luang Pu Supa, hereby as agreed by present abbot Phra Kru Ajarn Daeng of Monalitit LP Supa, we will release this extreme limited Holy Owl (only made 1 batch by LP Supa in his whole life) made,blessed in BE2547 but well kept as LP Supa did stated in his will that these unreleased batches be used for temple restoration works. Material of this Holy owl is emerald quartz with Lair Leklai.

This magic in fact was being imparted to LP Supa by no other than the only Luang Pu Suk Wat Pak Kong Makhamao

This Holy Owl is mearnt for ppl who wants metta maha niyom, Senah for sales and selling, for luck and LP Supa highly recommended in this batch.

Renting Price is 128 sgd. Due to extreme limit made,we can only release 25 pcs let rent. Thank you !

08/08/2014 - Amulet 4 Rent!

07/08/2014 - News Flash!

04/08/2014 - Amulet 4 Rent!

03/08/2014 - Amulet 4 Rent!

02/08/2014 - What's News!

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