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Welcome GrandMaster Keow back to Nirvana Stupa

Nirvana Stupa Sakyant is proud to invite sakyant legend Grandmaster Keow to Singapore from 1st May 2014.

During this visit, GM Keow will perform the traditional art of Sakyant, his famous 12 pcs Lanna Gold Foil magic & the mystical Wicha Tua Hom.

Brief history of GM Keow

Grand Master Archan Keow (Manee Saitong Dee) is a 57 year old White Robe Arjan (Kalawat), born in Saraburi but later moved to the Bangkok. Archan Keow started his magicals skills as early as the age of 19 yrs with the renowned Archan Chum Chaikiri. Perfection of his skills with Archan Chum for 6 years until the latter passed away on 9th August BE 2525 after which Archan Keow continued his studies on Wicai with other teachers like LP Nai (the famous chinjok master).

With over 20 years of experiences in wichai & other formidable skills, AC Keow is more than qualified to perform several rituals and apply Sakyant to devotees. As always being invited by temple to perform consercation of amulets due to his popularity & experienced in magic skills. Besides that, Master Keow is also being invited to Malaysia & Taiwan to perform Sakyant & rituals.

Due to the nature of his unselfish character, Master Keow continue to pass on his skills to disciples who came to pay respects to him, among his disciples includes monks & Kalawat (white robes Archan). Among the few that are more renowned who had visited Singapore are Ajarn Chai, Luang Phi Suthit, Luang Phi Man (Ajarn Man), Luang Phi Suphasit, Ajarn Thor, Ajarn Piak & Ajarn Ae.GM Keow at present had about 50 over kalawats which are learning wicha of Sakyant & other wicha as well from him which made some address him as 'Ajarn of Ajarns' as most white robes or monks who learn from him are actual in practice & not fresh students. For bookings do kindly contact, sms or what's apps @ +65 82256535 for appts.

03/05/2014 - GrandMaster Keow @ Nirvana Stupa!

Yant No Mo and Yant Thong Chai done by GM Keow

Nirvana Stupa

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