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Welcome GrandMaster Keow back to Nirvana Stupa

Dear devotees of Nirvana Stupa,

Grandmaster Keow will be in Singapore from 2nd March 2013 to 24th March 2013. During this visit, GM Keow will perform the traditional art of Sakyant, his famous 12 pcs Lanna Gold Foil magic, the mystical Wicha Tua Hom (2nd time in Singapore that he will be performing) which was specially imparted by Ajarn Chamnan (the lineage of LP Tae & Luang Ta Dum of Forest Tradition Inner Dong). For those who wish to be consult by Grandmaster Keow on other rituals which are not listed above are welcome too as there's many wichas of GM Keow which not possible for us to list here as many of u knows GM Keow is well knowledge in all fields of magic.

Brief history of GM Keow

Grand Master Archan Keow (Manee Saitong Dee) is a 55 year old White Robe Arjan (Kalawat), born in Saraburi but later moved to the Bangkok. Archan Keow started his magicals skills as early as the age of 19 yrs with the renowned Archan Chum Chaikiri. Perfection of his skills with Archan Chum for 6 years until the latter passed away on 9th August BE 2525

After which Archan Keow continued his studies on Wicai with other teachers like LP Nai (the famous chinjok master) etc. The turning point of his life came when he was with Archan Thoy Walawit (a direct lineage from Great Master Archan Thiang Muamana).

The fate on how AC Keow met Archan Thoy was really an astonishing feat by Great AC Chum. According to AC Keow, when AC Chum passed away, his body didn’t decomposed but instead transform into copper ! Later part which AC Chum was cremated together with his beloved wife (also a Archan) 5 years after his death in BE 2530. One particular night after AC Chum was cremated, ‘he’ went into the dream of AC Keow, guiding him to look for a person by the name of AC Thoy & he will lead him to be the next great master with the guidance of AC Thoy. After much seeking for AC Thoy, AC Keow managed to met him & suprisingly, they were actually long time collegues since then without knowing that both shared the same interests in Wichai. AC Thoy, an humble person with great knowledge both in academic & Wichai, seeing the former with a kind & straight character, undoubtfully passed his fully learnt skills as taught by Phor Tiang to Archan Keow to pass on the lineage of Great Master Phor Tiang due today. In addition, that made Archan Keow the only disciple of Master Thoy as recognised til date.

With over 20 years of experiences in wichai & other formidable skills, AC Keow is more than qualified to perform several rituals and apply Sakyant to devotees. As always being invited by temple to perform consercation of amulets due to his popularity & experienced in magic skills. Besides that, Master Keow is alos being invited to Malaysia to perform Sakyant & rituals.

Due to the nature of his unselfish character, Master Keow continue to pass on his skills to disciples who came to pay respects to him, among his disciples includes monks & Kalawat (white robes Archan).

Among the few that are more renowned who had visited Singapore are Ajarn Chai, Luang Phi Suthit, Luang Phi Man (Ajarn Man Anusa), Luang Phi Suphasit, Ajarn Thor, Ajarn Piak & Ajarn Ae.GM Keow at present had about 50 over kalawats which are learning wicha of Sakyant & other wicha as well from him which made some address him as 'Master of Ajarns' as most white robes or monks who learn from him are actual in practice & not fresh students.

As this round is his 1st visit of 2013, GM Keow will prepare some auspicious items for devotees as ususal for a smooth 2013.

For enquiries do kindly contact, sms or what's apps @ +65 8225 6535

For more info on Grandmaster Keow Biography, Please click on this link:

24/03/2012 - The day before Grandmaster Keow leaves our shores.

Remember this great Phra Chinaraj Statue? We are back here again!

Apologised for the long wait to those that had visited us during GrandMaster Keow's visit due to the great response. I'm oso sure that the new devotees who came visited us for rituals and Sakyant will have a greater understanding on the magic of Sakyant and not regretted on yr choice as u had seen how a actual lineage of Phor Thiang school of Sakyant is abt too.

Thanks to everyone who had chose us!

Sorry many ppl cos we have gd response this round GM Keow visit so no time taking photos put Facebook. I thinking oso sorry many ppl come and waiting long many becos many ppl. I sorry many naa.

21/03/2012 - Round two, it's Yant Bua Keow time!

1st contender of 2nd day for this year Sakyant of Yant Bua Keow by GM Keow

2nd contender of 2nd session of this year Sakyant Yant Bua Keow by GM Keow

3rd contender for the 2nd session of this year Sakyant Yant Bua Keow by GM Keow

4th contender of the 2nd session of this year Sakyant Yant Bua Keow. 1st devotee in Sg to do the 16 petals Yant Bua Keow on the head

5th contender of the 2nd session of this year Sakyant Yant Bua Keow

20/03/2012 - 4 more days before Grandmaster Keow leaves our shores.

Yant Shun Rien Keow by GM Keow

19/03/2012 - It's Yant Bua Keow time!

Grandmaster Keow inviting his kru and preparing holy water for Yant Bua Keow of this year. This year we will be only doing 2 days

1st contender for this year's Yant Bua Keow !!!! Lady hor!!! Power!

1st contender doing Yant Bua Keow in color

2nd contender for this year's Sakyant of Yant Bua Keow

3rd contender for this year Sakyant of Yant Bua Keow

4th contender of this year Sakyant Yant Bua Keow

5th contender for this year Sakyant Yant Bua Keow

18/03/2012 - Grandmaster Keow @ NIrvana Stupa.

Gao Yok metta maha niyom done by Grandmaster Keow

17/03/2012 - Happy Sunday with Grandmaster Keow @ NIrvana Stupa.

Another Yant Golden Pig done by GM Keow. Most of u should be suprised that i only use the term 'Golden Pig Yant' but didn't use the actual thai name as most times although i'm the pioneer who reveal the info in Forums or Facebook but low ballers would use it and say it's theirs. So most of the times i would post 'different' names of yants as such i could spot them :-) cheers !!!

12 pcs Lanna magic by GM Keow

16/03/2012 - The first thing Grandmaster Keow do @ NIrvana Stupa.

GM Keow doing his daily prayers

15/03/2012 - TGIF! Grandmaster Keow @ NIrvana Stupa.

Yant Mak Ark Wot done by GM Keow

14/03/2012 - Grandmaster Keow in action

Yant Phra Put Tat Nit Mit done by GM Keow

Office Blessing by GM Keow

House blessing by GM Keow

A pair of Linglongs done by GM Keow

12/03/2012 - Grandmaster Keow @ work

Another Golden Pig Yant by GM Keow

Another Yant Har Tiow by Grandmaster Keow

11/03/2012 - Grandmaster Keow @ Nirvana Stupa

Another Yant Phra Pai Sakot Tub done by GM Keow

10/03/2012 - The truth will never lie.

Another Golden Pig Yant done by GM Keow. Had seen some places which the Ajarn (not belonging to the school of Phor Thiang or rather self claimed) copied this trademark yant. Pls be aware that only the trained Ajarns which actually learn this magic will knows the 'password' to activate this Yant. Thank you !

Another Yant Phra Pai Sakot Tub done by GM Keow

09/03/2012 - What is happening @ Nirvana Stupa.

Yant Pidta Maha Ut done by GM Keow

Another Golden Pig Yant done by GM Keow

House blessing by GM Keow

GM Keow inscribing yants for House Blessing

A pair of Sian Lersi done by GM Keow

A pair of Lotus yant done by GM Keow

08/03/2012 - TGIF with Grandmaster Keow!

Another Yant Phra Pai Sakot Tab done by GM Keow

06/03/2012 - Grandmaster Keow @ Nirvana Stupa

Another 2 devotees got a proud traditional Yant Har Tiow from GM Keow

Another devotee coming for the Yant Phra Pai Sakot Tab by GM Keow

05/03/2012 - Grandmaster Keow in action

Another Golden Pig Yant (the 2nd greatest magic of Phor Thiang) in progress by GM Keow

Yant Phra Pai Sakot Tab by GM Keow

Yant Phra Pai Sakot Tab in progress by GM Keow. This yant is being taught by GGM Thoy Woorawit at his last year's Wai Kru and 1st time appearance in sg that GM Keow is doing it here

04/03/2012 - Grandmaster Keow @ work

Holy water bathing performed by GM Keow

Yant Koo (pair) which is a Lanna (northern magic) wicha for metta senah done by GM Keow

Yant Tat (5 elements) done by GM Keow

03/03/2012 - Grandmaster Keow is Back!

Lucky sacred 'Fish Traps' and 'Fish Bags' in consercation for attracting and trapping wealth and fortune being consercation by GM Keow. A yant written thai note by GM Keow himself will comes with every one to be insert in to help the devotees 'keep' our fortune and not leaking out. Releasing soon!

Traditional version of Yant Har Tiow (5 lines) done by Grandmaster Keow