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Welcome GrandMaster Keow back to Nirvana Stupa

Dear devotees of Nirvana Stupa,

Grandmaster Keow will be in Singapore from 28th June 2013 to 17th July 2013. During this visit, GM Keow will perform the traditional art of Sakyant, his famous 12 pcs Lanna Gold Foil magic, the mystical Wicha Tua Hom (2nd time in Singapore that he will be performing) which was specially imparted by Ajarn Chamnan (the lineage of LP Tae & Luang Ta Dum of Forest Tradition Inner Dong). For those who wish to be consult by Grandmaster Keow on other rituals which are not listed above are welcome too as there's many wichas of GM Keow which not possible for us to list here as many of u knows GM Keow is well knowledge in all fields of magic.

Brief history of GM Keow

Grand Master Archan Keow (Manee Saitong Dee) is a 55 year old White Robe Arjan (Kalawat), born in Saraburi but later moved to the Bangkok. Archan Keow started his magicals skills as early as the age of 19 yrs with the renowned Archan Chum Chaikiri. Perfection of his skills with Archan Chum for 6 years until the latter passed away on 9th August BE 2525

After which Archan Keow continued his studies on Wicai with other teachers like LP Nai (the famous chinjok master) etc. The turning point of his life came when he was with Archan Thoy Walawit (a direct lineage from Great Master Archan Thiang Muamana).

The fate on how AC Keow met Archan Thoy was really an astonishing feat by Great AC Chum. According to AC Keow, when AC Chum passed away, his body didn’t decomposed but instead transform into copper ! Later part which AC Chum was cremated together with his beloved wife (also a Archan) 5 years after his death in BE 2530. One particular night after AC Chum was cremated, ‘he’ went into the dream of AC Keow, guiding him to look for a person by the name of AC Thoy & he will lead him to be the next great master with the guidance of AC Thoy. After much seeking for AC Thoy, AC Keow managed to met him & suprisingly, they were actually long time collegues since then without knowing that both shared the same interests in Wichai. AC Thoy, an humble person with great knowledge both in academic & Wichai, seeing the former with a kind & straight character, undoubtfully passed his fully learnt skills as taught by Phor Tiang to Archan Keow to pass on the lineage of Great Master Phor Tiang due today. In addition, that made Archan Keow the only disciple of Master Thoy as recognised til date.

With over 20 years of experiences in wichai & other formidable skills, AC Keow is more than qualified to perform several rituals and apply Sakyant to devotees. As always being invited by temple to perform consercation of amulets due to his popularity & experienced in magic skills. Besides that, Master Keow is alos being invited to Malaysia to perform Sakyant & rituals.

Due to the nature of his unselfish character, Master Keow continue to pass on his skills to disciples who came to pay respects to him, among his disciples includes monks & Kalawat (white robes Archan).

Among the few that are more renowned who had visited Singapore are Ajarn Chai, Luang Phi Suthit, Luang Phi Man (Ajarn Man Anusa), Luang Phi Suphasit, Ajarn Thor, Ajarn Piak & Ajarn Ae. GM Keow at present had about 50 over kalawats which are learning wicha of Sakyant & other wicha as well from him which made some address him as 'Master of Ajarns' as most white robes or monks who learn from him are actual in practice & not fresh students.

This visit, GM Keow will be bringing his 1st batch locket and also devotees who wish to be divine by GM Keow will also be welcome as the skills and knowledge of GM Keow involves all types of magic, fortune divination, his holy water blessing is well know also for those who had consulted him should know the skills of the wise and experienced GM Keow.

More details will be revealed on the magic for this round.

For enquiries do kindly contact, sms or what's apps @ +65 8225 6535

For more info on Grandmaster Keow Biography, Please click on this link:

18/07/2013 - The day GrandMaster Keow leave our shores!

Good bye Singapore ! I'll be back!!!

17/07/2013 - The day before GrandMaster Keow leave our shores!

Today is the last day of service for this trip of Grandmaster Keow. We will be closing early today and only take bookings til 7:30pm. We would like to thanks all devotees who had visited us during this trip and those who had rent the 1st batch locket of GM Keow do kindly treasure it. Thanks again!

Another Golden Pig Yant done by GrandMaster Keow

Another Golden Pig Yant done by GrandMaster Keow

16/07/2013 - 02 days before GrandMaster Keow leave our shores!

Yant Har Tiow done by Grandmaster Keow

Sian Lersi done by Grandmaster Keow

Lotus yant done by Grandmaster Keow

15/07/2013 - 03 days before GrandMaster Keow leave our shores!

Yant Har Tiow done by Grandmaster Keow

Yant Yant Gao Yok Phor Thiang done by Grandmaster Keow

Yant Har Tiow done by GrandMaster Keow

by Tiger Sakyant by Grandmaster Keow

Another Golden Pig Yant done by Grandmaster Keow. This magic is rated as a high and famous magic of Phor Thiang and only true masters who had learn from his school will know how to activate this

14/07/2013 - 04 days before GrandMaster Keow leave our shores!

House Blessing by Grandmaster Keow

Grandmaster Keow giving blessings to devotees

Salika birds, lotus and gao yok done by GrandMaster Keow

12/07/2013 - TGIF! GrandMaster Keow @ Nirvana Stupa

Another Yant Gao Yok done by Grandmaster Keow

A pair of chinjoks done by Grandmaster Keow

Yant Put Tat Nimit done by Grandmaster Keow

11/07/2013 - GrandMaster Keow @ work

Arm wrapping done by Grandmaster Keow

Yant Kumanthep done by Grandmaster Keow

Yant Golden Pig done by GrandMaster Keow

Another Yant Golden Pig done by GM Keow

10/07/2013 - GrandMaster Keow @ Nirvana Stupa

Yant Gao Yok Phor Thiang done by Grandmaster Keow. A brave lady!

09/07/2013 - To whom it may concern

Important message:

1) For those who had reserved your things do kindly collect before 16th July 2013

2) For those who reserved and didn't reply to my message, I will consider that u forfeit the items and i will consider of blacklisting u and in future of amulet sales, I will not consider your 'reservation' as a reservation.

Thank you!

08/07/2013 - Let GrandMaster Keow help you to keep the blues away.

Yant Mak Ark Wut with Yant Nak Kar Lad done by Grandmaster Keow

Another devotee coming for Yant Gao Yok Phor Thiang by Grandmaster Keow.

07/07/2013 - Super Sunday! GrandMaster Keow @ Nirvana Stupa.

3 musketeers who came for Yant Nak Sai Ya Krup.

Yant Gao Yok Phor Thiang done by GM Keow.

A pair of chinjoks done by GM Keow.

06/07/2013 - Happy weekend with GrandMaster Keow.

Yant Moo Thong Daeng aka Golden Pig Yant in progress

Completed Yant Moo Thong Daeng done by Grandmaster Keow

05/07/2013 - TGIF! GrandMaster Keow @ Nirvana Stupa

Traditional Yant Har Tiow done by GM Keow.

04/07/2013 - Sharing GrandMaster Keow's Masterpiece

Gao Yok & a pair of Lotus Yant done by GM Keow.

Yant Phor Kar Sap and Yant Nak Gin Mai Ru Mot (for wealth and no ending fortune) done by GM Keow.

03/07/2013 - GrandMaster Keow @ work

GM Keow preparing water for holy water bathing for cleansing of bad luck and 'torns' on the body.

GM Keow writing mantra on the candles for the preparation of holy water bathing for luck raising.

GM Keow preparing holy water bathing for a devotee which involve law suit. The water is mearnt for devotees who are involve in cases which are dealing with law suits or any forms of cases which need judges and jury for pleading mercy.

Yant Phra Pikanet Narai done by GM Keow. Do take note that there is no acarat wordings in the yant as the mantra is being 'hide' in the lines of the Yant. This is the true magic which real masters could blow the magic and let the mantra hide within the lines of the yant.

Nicely wrapped

02/07/2013 - GrandMaster Keow in action

A pair of Lotus Yant done by GM Keow

Grandmaster Keow performing one of his formidable feats, Holy water shower for different types of functions.

01/07/2013 - GrandMaster Keow @ Nirvana Stupa

GrandMaster Keow preparing the water for Holy Water bathing. The candle which is used for this ritual needs to be the weight of 4 baht (a measurement of gold in thai which 1 baht is abt 14 gram) honey beewax candle. This is according to formulae of Phor Thiang which he uses this to do water for luck raising purposes.

30/06/2013 - The moment when the cat fall in love with the mouse!

Yant 'Cat & Mouse' which is a speciality Lanna (northern thai yai) magic which GM Keow had learnt. This magic is mearnt for metta senah and harmony.

29/06/2013 - Have a date with GrandMaster Keow

Yant Put Tat Nimit done by GM Keow

After a long wait, 1st batch locket of GM Keow of true Phor Thiang lineage is finally available for rental. This batch had been every day been chanted 108 times by GM Keow himself from April to the actual day of Wai Kru by GM Keow himself. Materials behind composed with materials which is use for making the Golden dolls of Ajarn Chamnan (see cover photo of my facebook) and also materials which was left by master of Ajarn Chamnan which was being use in making present statue of Luang Ta Dum which is a living deva of forest tudong style. Hair of GM Keow himself is also present. Rental price of GM Keow 1st batch locket (with real gold foil plating) is 80 sgd each and while stocks last!

A pair of chinjoks done by GM Keow

26/06/2013 - Good Stuff 4 Rent

Last item for this round trip before i back in sgp.

Somdej Kaiser Kannen of the famous Wat Arun of Bangkok. This is not remakes and is the original BE 2529 batch which was mass consercated with most respectable monks with the presence of the Royal family as this batch is commemoration of Thai King Rama V of the Ratanakosin era (present dynasty) who in history of Thailand being the 1st king to visit foreign country to develop diplomatic relations and to westernize modern Thailand as what is today. The 1st country which he visited is Germany which he visited Kaiser and thus the somdej was named under this name.

The big phim version (if real and not remakes) are gradually increase in pricing thru out the years and thus not many could actually afford. This Kannen version (which means small size) is made same batch and same material which materials involves old powder of the famous Somdej Toh of Wat Rakang which is also spiritual teacher to King Rama V himself.

Only 4 pcs available. Size is around 22mm height and 12mm wide. Renting price is 120 sgd. Please be aware that there is remakes of this BE 2529 version and what is for rent now is the actual BE 2529 batch.

25/06/2013 - Good Stuff 4 Rent

Apologised for the long wait.

1st item for tonight. Phra Kring Chaiwat from the famous Phra Tat Panom of Nakhon Panom province.

Phra Tat Panom is the most famous chedi (which store the relics of Buddha) in Northeastern region of Thailand and what makes this chedi so famous? May ask some of your thai friends and they will share this with u as what i'm going to tell u.

Phra Tat Panom is a holy place where most ppl will go wish for their wishes and be granted. Years back, there is a time, real scene where the whole chedi is suddenly fully cover with white snakes (the place is properly surround and with no forest around it) and was fully witnessed by hundreds and thousands as that day happened to be Vesak Day of that year and is a Sao Ha (the 5th Saturday of the waxing mth of thailand) day of itself. As according to the legend, this is the day which the Buddha conquer the evil and the snake king subdue to him.

Phra Kring (medicine Buddha) Chaiwat (guardian of wealth) is mearnt to be a pair but normally most temples made them separate. This batch of Phra Kring Chaiwat is made on an auspicious Sao Ha (this round i got most Sao Ha batches) day which itnis mass chanted and lead by Luang Pu Khampang which is the abbot of Phra Tat Panom. This batch is termed as Lun Maha Lam Ruay (Maha means great and Lum Ruay means wealth) while Phra Kring is suitable for ppl who wish to be blessed with great health and happiness.

Material consists of holy soil of Buddhagana (place of Buddha's birth place) mixed with sacred powder of LP Khampang and also many powder which is provided by many famous monks to make it and inserted below the bottom of the Phra Kring and while the Phra Kring and Chaiwat is made of melted Rian Satang (coins of thailand made of brass and nickel, and Rian means money in common term of thai ppl)

Only 9 pcs available for rental. In original temple box. Renting price is 60 sgd.

2nd item

Takrut 'maha senah' made by Luang Phor Sawat, Wat Pah Sen Udom, Ubon Ratchathani.

Luang Phor highly famous for his skills in helping reviving 'harmony' and reunion of loveships as LP himself came from a clan in Northeast which is famous for the magic of using kind souls (spirits who had passed away but agree to help humans for the sake of gaining merits) to help. Some may teem it as barang but as i had explained in Facebook once (last year). LP will normally do is when he do chanting ceremony for the deceased he will 'telepath' the soul and tell it that if she or he wish to help others and let the soul rest well due to the merits from helping humans, do approach him tonight and if the soul 'come' to find LP in the night, LP will obtain permission s to use the soul to make amulets and chant the spell to 'control' it as not to let any so call 'back fire' symptoms. As mentioned by LP, this takrut could be use to 'ask' for flavours such as ppl who are in loveship and sales. When wish is granted, this takrut could be transferable to others and also with no so called 'pantang' rules.

Material of the takrut inside is stuffed with senah powder (for harmony of family, couples and improve of relationship), the copper takrut is written with specific yants of LP's clan which is mearnt for wealth, metta (人缘) and loveship. PlS be aware that as mentioned earlier, oil and bones are involved. Those that noes me know that i not barang type but i only get from trusted masters who really noes how to handle 'them'

Only 8 available cos 2 was requested long ago by 2 persons who had already booked since mths back !

Renting price is 48 sgd. Only 8 available, i mentioned again, not for the weak ! Hope u guys get what i mean , i termed this takruts as takrut 'Love me a not?' Lol

Next item!

From the famous temple and one of the oldest temple in Ayutthaya which most Chinese address it as 'San Bo Gong' aka '三宝佛公' where else in thailand it is commonly called Wat Panan Choeng. Remember the days where old uncle tell u that my house got this San bo Buddha which actually what he means is from this Wat Panan Choeng..

Remember the time of 2 years back where the massive and serious flood occurs back in Thailand? Though Ayutthaya was heavily flooded but miraculously none of the temple grounds was wet as the water was somehow 'naturally' and not block by sandbags swipe away and it was the only temple which was not affected by the natural disaster. (This incident was widely told even over the whole of thailand and of cos this temple was already claimed to be one of the most sacred temple in presence even before the flood).

This batch of Khunphaeng was made from tiles taken down from temple chedi (which houses relics) during BE 2537 (this year is BE 2556) which the tiles (holy items as imagined it is situated in a holy temple grounds and receives prayers from monks everyday since the temple exist) are then pounded, remixed with additional sacred powder and make into KP while the surface is laquered and heated treted coated with ceramic. Mass chanted in BE 2542 with famous powerful monks of Ayutthaya during that era which most had already passed away. Behind bears the significant famous yant of San Bo Gong temple which is mearnt for luck, metta and Buddha power.

Only 2 colors was made. Green and light brown and only 10 of each color is available. Renting price is 20. Comes in original temple box. Dimensions of the KP is 36mm in height and 16mm in width.

Last item for tonight!

This deity or Goddess is the 1st guardian or rather protector of the San Bo Gong (三宝公) temple aka Wat Panan Choeng of Ayutthaya province but many will definitely mistaken her as Goddness of Mercy aka Guan Yim (观音). She is called Phra Nang Soi Dot Mai (which Phra means Deity, Nang means lady, Soi Dot Mai means String of Flowers). True story of her is that she is a buddhist disciple which she travel from China to Thailand to help people and she was well trained with great meditation powers with she is consider an Arahang (means consider as Enlighten with great wisdom). It was during the time few thousands years back which she founds that the present holy grounds of Wat Panan Choeng as a very sacred place to build as a holy structure and thus she uses her kindness, great loving kindness and compassion to gather funds to build the present temple which was later converted to a Theravada thai temple and she eventually stay on in Thailand and didn't return to her mainland and was dreamnt and saw by many as a holy bright vision after she passed away and which ppl worshipped her as a Deity which least was know that she was the actual beginner of this holy temple grounds which was always able to avoid the disasters and many who made sincerely wishes to her was answered and thus in BE 2537, the temple made this special batch to commerate her.

The material is 3 colors plated with copper based. The front is Phra Nang Soi Dot Mai and the back is a chinese dragon which the thais look at it as Mongkhun (means auspicious). This batch was also mass chanted in BE 2537 with almost all famous masters of that era as due to the great respect for her, most masters wish to do their part in the consercation to give it's best for the name of Phra Nang Soi Dot Mai. Only 10 pcs of this available. To me, this pc is almost all functions covered as the image of Pra Nang Soi Dot Mai is a already a trademark of the temple.

Made in BE 2537, in original 'Vision' temple boxes (old temple amulets use to get this company to do, and most old temple boxes below is rough and not the smooth base of boxes nowadays as most boxes are made as rough surface now)

Only 10 pcs. Renting price is 88 sgd ! Heng heng heng!!!!!