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Welcome Ajarn Thor back to Nirvana Stupa

Dear members and associate,

Nirvana Stupa is glad to invite อาจารย์โต อินทาโภ (Ajarn Thor) to perform rituals in Singapore from 08th to 22th June 2012. This is the 3rd times Ajarn Thor visiting Singapore. This round of visit, he will be performing the art of Flying Palakids & also the wicha of blowing gold foils & blowing of Holy Fire. In additional, this round Ajarn Thor will perform the sakyant of his version of Yant Bua Bhang Bai (the famous yant of Luang Phor Sawai, wat Preedaram)

A brief history on Ajarn Thor

Ajarn Thor started learning the art of Sakyant & wicha Boran (traditional old-style) under the guidance of Luang Ta Phra Dep (from Phitsanulok) at a young age. Luang Ta imparted his skills on Krongkrappan , Maha Niyom, Nak Na Thong to him.

After which he seek further training under Ajarn Suk Chak (the student of the famous LP Sert on the magic of Ser Serming & maha chok lup. In additional, Ajarn Thor also received the magic of Blowing Holy Fire from the former.

The turning point of his journey came when he was accepted as a disciple to Ajarn Soon Thong. Ajarn Soon Thong is a famous kalawat who beholds his wicha on blowing of Gold folis into devotees's bodies & is often being invited to Malaysia to perform this art. Ajarn Thor took 3 years of discipline training under Ajarn Soon Thong which then let him master this wicha. Ajarn Thor is often being requested by his devotees to perform this magic which he himself didn't open publicise that he knew this wicha. This time of visiting, Ajarn Thor will also perform another great wicha from Ajarn Soon Thong, the art of consercating 'Flying Palakids'

Ajarn Thor then further his training in Maha Senah by learning Wicha Lan Na (from north) from Ajarn Mang which he masters the magic in Inn Thong, Inn Keow, Mah Sep Nang etc

Finally but not last, Ajarn Thor was taken lineage of the Phor Thiang;s school when he was accepted as a disciple by Grandmaster Keow Manee which Ajarn Thor had been learning from Grandmaster Keow for the past 1 1/2 yrs.

Ajarn Thor's secret weapon! Ajarn Thor own's version of Nam Man Wan Dot Thong. This recipe was passed down by Luang Ta Phra Dep to Ajarn Thor. Now Ajarn Thor did his own cultivation & having about not less than 1000 plants of Wan Dot Thong in his farmyard. As explained by Ajarn Thor, the oil inside is excreted from the plant & flowers itself in it's most natural form. No chemicals to enhance the smell & it's all 100% natural. As told by Ajarn Thor, the best effects will be achieved if using this oil to be done with Senah Yants or Nak Na Thong

Ajarn Thor with Luang Ta Phra Dep

Ajarn Thor with Ajarn Soon Thong (famous for blowing of Gold Foils)

Ajarn Thor is doing sakyant for Matthieu Duquenois

Yant Bua Bhang Bai of Luang Phor Sawai, Wat Preedaram. This version is imparted from Luang Phor Sawai to Ajarn Pit Chan (Wat Pho Pak Hai, Ayutthaya province) which is later passed down to Ajarn Thor. This version is recorded in the old manual (tamlar) of Luang Phor Sawai & still kept in the temple of Ajarn Pit Chan.

Ajarn Pit Chan of Wat Pho Pak Hai, Ayutthaya Province. The master to Ajarn Thor which the magic of Luang Phor Sawai was being passed down to.

23/06/2012 -Farewell Sg! I'll be back!

22/06/2012 - 1 day before Ajarn Thor leaves our shores

Finally, this video could be revealed :-D

Another pair of Salika Sakyant by Ajarn Thor

Another Salika by Ajarn Thor

Salika done by Ajarn Thor

21/06/2012 - 2 more days before Ajarn Thor leaves our shores

Yant Nak Kar But

Phra Pikanet Sakyant in UV by Ajarn Thor

Lersi Serminpai Sakyant in UV by Ajarn Thor

Tiger Sakyant by Ajarn Thor

7-headed Palakid done by Ajarn Thor

Phra Hanuman Sakyant completed by Aj Thor

Another Yant Nak Kar But by Ajarn Thor

Incredible feat of Aj Thor blowing 90pcs of gold foils at 1 shot

20/06/2012 - 3 more dyas before Ajarn Thor leaves our shores

Just completed by Ajarn Thor !

Yant Ta Kap Sakyant done by Ajarn Thor

Another side of the calf

Yant Bua Bhang Bai in UV ink completed by Ajarn Thor

19/06/2012 - Countdown for Ajarn Thor

Phet Phayathong Sakyant in UV done by Ajarn Thor

Soi Sam Wan Sakyant completed by Ajarn Thor

Leaping Hanuman completed by Ajarn Thor

15/06/2012 - TGIF with Ajarn Thor

More blowing of 9 pcs of gold foil performed by Ajarn Thor

Another Lersi Tar Wor Sakyant completed by Ajarn Thor

14/06/2012 - Ajarn Thor @ work

Yant Wor Gin Nom Ser done by Ajarn Thor

Another Yant Nak Kar But done by Ajarn Thoy

Yant Bua Bhang Bai (famous yant by Luang Phor Sawai Wat Preedaram)

A pair of Hanuman & Mah Chan Nu Sakyant completed by Ajarn Thor

Closer view of the Hanuman Sakyant

Closer view of the Mah Chan Noo Sakyant

All natural special formulated metta cream by Ajarn Thor. This is made from pure Honey Beewax which means Bee Hives (facing EAST) is melted & mixed with essence from Golden Flower (Nam Man Wan Dot Thong) to enhance the power of speech, attraction & of cos luck (as Ajarn Thor will add in a special powder which is obtained from LP Wit Chan which is mearnt for improvement of luck). All in it's most natural form & being quickly absorbed. This batch of cream was being done 3 yrs back & left to be chant ti this round which was brought here for the 1st time. Limited amts as due to last flood. most Golden Flower plants are being destroyed & in progress of re-cultivating & only be matured in another 18 mths. Renting price is $30 sgd

The pic of Yant Wor Gin Nom Ser as requested Bro Morten

Ajarn Thor performing the feat of putting 10 pcs of gold foils on forhead

Phra Rahu Sakyant completed by Ajarn Thor

13/06/2012 - Ajarn Thor in action

Traditional Har Tiow Sakyant completed by Ajarn Thor

A pair of Salika Sakyant done by Ajarn Thor

Yant Phet Phaya Thong for metta senah, luck & riches done by Ajarn Thor

Sakyant Soi Sam Wan aka Necklace of Hanuman done by Aj Thor

12/06/2012 - It's all about Sakyant

Another Phra Rahu Sakyant done by Ajarn Thor.

Yant Nak Kar But

11/06/2012 - Gold fold blessing by Ajarn Thor

Another female devotee comes for the blowing of 9 pcs gold foils

Phra Rahu Sakyant made by Ajarn Thor

Lersi Tar Wor Sakyant by Ajarn Thor

More devotees doing the ritual of Ajarn Thor blowing 9 pcs of gold fold

10/06/2012 - Ajarn Thor @ work

Lersi Tar Khwam (Lersi Deer Face) by Ajarn Thor

Lersi Tar Wor Sakyant by Ajarn Thor

More devotees coming for the injection of 9 gold foils

09/06/2012 - Hey! Where is my gold foil?

Powerful blessing aka Yants recharging by Ajarn Thor

Ajarn Thor 'blowing' 9 pcs of gold foils at 1 shot into the forehead

Ajarn Thor performing the magic of injecting 3 pcs of gold foils

08/06/2012 - Ajarn Thor's first day @ Nirvana Stupa

Ajarn Thor doing a oil Sakyant using oil extracted from Wan Dot Thong aka Golden flower which is formulated by him in the most natural form. The sakyant is a famous Lanna magic from Northern Thailand being termed as Wor Gin Nom Ser (Cow drinking milk of Tiger). This yants helps to promote harmony & remove hatred from others

Ser Serming aka Tiger Serming blessing by Ajarn Thor

Arrow Punch Sakyant by Ajarn Thor

Tiger Serming blessing by Ajarn Thor

Ajarn Thor doing a Har Tiow Sakyant on a female devotee