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Welcome GrandMaster Keow back to Nirvana Stupa

Dear members & friends,

Grandmaster Ajarn Keow, lineage of legendary Sakyant Master Phor Thiang, will be performing the traditional art of Sakyant (Spiritual Tattoo) @ Nirvana Stupa from 29th Apr 2012 till 19th May 2012.

Renowned students of Master Keow are Ajarn Piak, Ajarn Chai, Ajarn Mann, Ajarn Thi & Ajarn Ae are just few to be named who learnt from him. Over 35 years experience of magic research & having learnt wicha (Spiritual magic) from LP Nai (famous for chinjok), AC Chum Chaikiri & Ajarn Thoy (disciple of Phor Thiang) & lots more. Though a powerful Ajarn, Master Keow is being respected as a humble person.

For more info on Grandmaster Keow Biography, Please click on this link:

Master Keow also consecrates holy items from time to time which most items are are hand made & crafted which made them limited in amount. Amulets such “Tao” or wealth fetching turtle which enhances luck in career and general. The Chinjook (2 tailed gecko) is made for metta mahaseneh and mahaniyom (opposite sex attraction and better relationships). Lastly Yant Zhaw Syaw (Millionaire Yantra) to be hang in the office, shop or a residence to attract wealth to the household or business.

Besides Sakyant, Master Keow also gives blessings and writes yantra to your personal or religious artifacts to enhance its efficaciousness or to provide you with peace and protection. He also does gold foil pasting amongst other personal or other elaborate customized rituals on a case to case basis.

Due to the nature of his unselfish character, Master Keow continue to pass on his skills to disciples who came to pay respects to him, among his disciples includes monks & Kalawat (white robes Archan). Among the few that are more renowned are Archan Chai, Archan Tit, Archan Piak, Archan Mann & Archan Ae.

Venue : Nirvana Stupa @ 219, Lavender St

Date : From 29th Apr 2012 to 19th May 2012

Time : from 12pm onwards (do call in advance to check shop closing hrs)

Package Price :

Gold Leaf blessings (devotees could request for the effects they want)

3pcs - $28

5pcs - $38

9pcs - $48

Holy Water Bathing ( devotees could request for the effects they want) - $38

Removal of unwanted moles ritual - $128

Sakyant (oil Sakyant) - From $28 onwards

Sakyant (ink Sakyant) - From $38 onwards

Sakyant (UV Sakyant) - From $58 onwards

20/05/2012 - Goodbye GrandMaster Keow, hope to see you soon!

Farewell to devotees of GM Keow !!! It's a pleasure to see more devotees visiting us, thanks to all again ! We shall see guys real soon !

GrandMaster Keow, we will wait for your return ! Bon Voyage

19/05/2012 - The day before GrandMaster Keow leaves our shores.

Last day of GM Keow's service. Still pumping devotees to the max !

Powerful but with the slightest touch from GM Keow

18/05/2012 - It's all about blesing

GM Keow at another house blessing

GM Keow inscribing some Yants for the house that is being blessed

The end product

GM Keow doing house blessing in the house of a devotee.

GM Keow in full concentration doing Holy Water for the purpose of cleansing the house.

GM Keow inscribing Yants on the main door of the devotee's house

More Yants being inscribed on the door

16/05/2012 - 4 more days before GrandMaster Keow leaves our shores

GM Keow in progress doing a Yant Gao Yok Phor Thiang

15/05/2012 - 5 more days before GrandMaster Keow leaves our shores

GrandMaster Keow doing a Phor Thiang Gao Yok on a devotee

House blessing by GrandMaster Keow

Closer view

Inscribing Yants on the house main door

Yant Nak Tib Plak Sib inscribed. To revert the bad things coming as good things

GM Keow inscribing Yants on the Mai Kru aka magical wards which are made from Mai Kean Ma Kham.

Kean (แก่น) means the heartwood aka kernel within the centre trunk of Tamarind aka Ma Kham (มะขาม) tree. As normally Tamarind trees doesn't have this heartwood within it. Based on ratio is that only 1 Tamarind Tree within 100,000 trees will have this & thus the Thais uses this holy material to make amulets especially Mai Kru, chanting beads etc out of it which is proven to bring luck to the owners & protection as we are talking abt ratio of 1: 100,000. More rare to leklai if based on comparison.

13/05/2012 - Blessing Sunday

House Blessing by GM Keow. Pic showing GM Keow inscribing Wealth Yants on the back of Yant Zaw Syaw.

Closed up view of the Yants inscribed

Blessing @ Club Gucci

Phor Pu Lersi @ Club Gucci

11/05/2012 - Exclusively for GandMaster Keow

Made this specially for GM Keow

10/05/2012 - Update on the full collection of Phra Pikanet Lun Chindamaknee Lom Far

Full collection of Phra Pikanet Lun Chindamaknee Lom Far

Silver Material

Nur Nawa Material

Full series of the Phra Pikanet Chindamanee Lom Far.The one on the left is Alpaka material, which is one of the least made. From Left to right : Alpaka, Silver, Nawa & Thongdaeng

09/05/2012 - Update on Grandmaster Keow Manee

Blessing by Grandmaster Keow on Vesak Day 2012

Wai Kru GM Keow (Thailand) BE 2555

Holy Water Bathing by Grandmaster Keow Manee
GM Keow is famous for his feat in this art which the holy water could be customized. Most may just think that Hoy Water Bathing is just for clearing of bad luck but most may not know that the wicha for various functions could also be incorporated into the water which acts as an element to 'absorb' the magic.

08/05/2012 - Grandmaster Keow in action

Phaya Krut by Grandmaster Keow
The material is Nur Nawa. Do notice the Phaya Krut is holding the holy Phayanak.

The material is mixed alloy - gold, silver, copper etc. On 13th May, a gd day to consercate again which every pc will be 'radiate' with katha to make them alive. Phaya Kut aka Garuda is one of the powerful deity which is on par with Phra Narai aka Vishnu. 7 days & nights of fought with no winner & loser with later became a great companion to Phra Narai.

GM Keow at house blessing at owner of famous A1 Kway Chap @ Kovan

Angle View

06/05/2012 - Blessing by GrandMaster Keow

04/05/2012 - Update on GrandMaster Keow

12 pcs Gold foil Lanna Magic (Female Version)

Phra Pikanet Lun Chindamanee Lom Far
Molding of the Phra Pikanet Lun Chindamanee Lom Far on 1st April 2012 where GM Keow is the Master of Ceremony

Highlights of the ceremony on 1st April 2012 where GM Keow invites the kru with presence of GGM Thoy Woorawit for the molding of Phra Pikanet Lun Chindamanee Lom Far

GM Keow with GGM Thoy Woorawit doing a consercation on 25th April 2012 for the Phra Pikanet Lun Chindamanee Lom Far. Pic shows GM Keow reciting the Sanskrit mantra for invitation of Phra Pikanet aka Ganesha

The session on 25th April 2012 where the GGM Thoy Woorawit, GM Keow & Aj Thond combine to blessing the batch of Phra Pikanet which we had on hand

GM Keow in deep meditation during blessing of the Phra Pikanet Lun Chindamanee Lom Far on 25th April 2012

GM Keow extinguishing the Tian Mongkhun to symbolize end of the ceremony which was held on 25th April 2012

02/05/2012 - 12 pcs Gold Foil Pasting based on Lanna Magic (North Thailand)

Nirvana Stupa

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