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Dear members & friends,

Grandmaster Ajarn Keow, lineage of legendary Sakyant Master Phor Thiang, will be performing the traditional art of Sakyant (Spiritual Tattoo) @ Nirvana Stupa from 28th Jan 2011 till 16th Feb 2011. Renowned students of Master Keow are Ajarn Piak, Ajarn Chai, Ajarn Mann, Ajarn Thi & Ajarn Ae are just few to be named who learnt from him. Over 35 years experience of magic research & having learnt wicha (Spiritual magic) from LP Nai (famous for chinjok), AC Chum Chaikiri & Ajarn Thoy (disciple of Phor Thiang) & lots more. Though a powerful Ajarn, Master Keow is being respected as a humble person.

For more info on Grandmaster Keow Biography, Please click on this link:

Master Keow also consecrates holy items from time to time which most items are are hand made & crafted which made them limited in amount. Amulets such �Tao� or wealth fetching turtle which enhances luck in career and general. The Chinjook (2 tailed gecko) is made for metta mahaseneh and mahaniyom (opposite sex attraction and better relationships). Lastly Yant Zhaw Syaw (Millionaire Yantra) to be hang in the office, shop or a residence to attract wealth to the household or business.

Besides Sakyant, Master Keow also gives blessings and writes yantra to your personal or religious artifacts to enhance its efficaciousness or to provide you with peace and protection. He also does gold foil pasting amongst other personal or other elaborate customized rituals on a case to case basis.

Due to the nature of his unselfish character, Master Keow continue to pass on his skills to disciples who came to pay respects to him, among his disciples includes monks & Kalawat (white robes Archan). Among the few that are more renowned are Archan Chai, Archan Tit, Archan Piak, Archan Mann & Archan Ae.

Venue : Nirvana Stupa @ 219, Lavender St

Date : From 28th Jan 2012 to 16th Feb 2012

Time : from 12pm onwards (do call in advance to check shop closing hrs)

Package Price :

Gold Leaf blessings (devotees could request for the effects they want)

3pcs - $28

5pcs - $38

9pcs - $48

Holy Water Bathing ( devotees could request for the effects they want) - $38

Removal of unwanted moles ritual - $128

Sakyant (oil Sakyant) - From $28 onwards

Sakyant (ink Sakyant) - From $38 onwards

Sakyant (UV Sakyant) - From $58 onwards

15/02/2012 - Grandmaster Keow back in action

Another masterpiece by Grandmaster Keow

Yant Moo Thong Daeng by Grandmaster Keow

Grandmaster Keow in action

07/02/2012 - Update on Grandmaster Keow

In memory of 25th anniversary of passing away of the great Chinjok Master, Luang Pu Nai, Wat Ban Jaeng & also his 109 yrs old celebration (he passed in BE 2530 @ 84yrs old), this visit of special Yant by Grandmaster Keow will be of the lineage of Luang Pu Suk, Wat Pak Kong Makhamtao (Grandmaster to Luang Pu Nai)

This Yant is called Nak Luang Pu Suk which Luang Pu himself often uses this Yant during his days of Sakyant for improvement of metta, prevention of danger & improvement of luck. Within this Yant is actually 3 Yants that is combined into 1 single Yant to serve the different purposes. Hope more devotees could able to gain more from this Yant Nak Luang Pu Suk.

Price is S$68 in color (black, red, white or etc), S$48 in oil (colorless) & S$88 (in UV ink)

31/01/2012 - Update on Grandmaster Keow

Every piece of Yant Zhaw Syaw (Milionaire Yant) by Grandmaster Keow, will be 'chopped' with his Yant Kru logo.

Grandmaster Keow will also signed on every piece of Yant Zhaw Syaw with the date of collection.

Money Bucket to keep $$ and luck fetching by Grandmaster Keow.
Is ready for collection, huat ah!

Nirvana Stupa

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