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Welcome Ajarn Kay back to Nirvana Stupa

Dear members,

Nirvana Stupa is glad to invite Ajarn Kay from Kalasin to perform rituals in Singapore from 3rd to 16th March 2012. This will be his 4th times visiting Nirvana Stupa.

A brief history on Ajarn Kay

Ajarn Kay is a kalawat from Kalasin. Was born in Roy Aik in a big family due to the fact that the grandfather (Phor Yai Kom) of Ajarn Kay has 12 wives.

From young age, Ajarn Kay had witnessed the magical powers of his grandfather in Metta Senah which could have his 12 wives in harmony with each other. Also Phor Yai Kom possessed the magic of Gai Jit Urn (Chicken Pecking the Toad) which means the practitioner of this wicha causes the his skin to toughen just like when the chicken peck at the toad while the latter strengthen his skin against attacks.

At 7 years old of age, Ajarn Kay wishes to learn wicha from his grandfather but being rejected cos his grandfather wants him to go thru a proper academic education instead. Phor Yai Kom passed away when Ajarn Kay was 10 yrs old then, without receiving any proper impartion of his magic to him.

When reached a ripe age of 15, he was ordained as a monk at Wat Sin Suk (Maha Sarakarm) under the perception of Luang Pu Sin.

Luang Pu Sin knowing that the young Ajarn Kay loves to learn wicha, he recommended him to find Ajarn Thammafan, a kalawat in the province of Loei who is a well known disciple from the lineage of LP Suk, Wat Makam Tao which he learnt Sakyant & various forms of magic. The turning point of Ajarn Kay happened here when Ajarn Kay was fated to meet his long lost relative & close friend of Phor Yai Kom, named Ta Nit.

Ta Nit knowing that Ajarn Kay has well grown into a good character teenager, passed him the Tamlar (magical scriptures) of Phor Yai Kom which was keep by him before the latter’s death. Phor Yai Kom had asked Ta Nit to keep the Tamlar & if by fate to meet his descedants of him who wishes to learn, do teach him & let him have the Tamlar, if not , do destroy the Tamlar & let the magic die wit Ta Nit cos Phor Yai Kom doesn’t wish this magic to be abused & passed down to the wrong person.

The most important portion of the Tamlar contains Yants for Metta senah & luck but most important of all , the formula for making & consercation the magical oil which was named ‘Nam Man Wan Dot Thong’ , was means The Gold Flower Oil. ‘Dot Thong’ in thai language is a phrase to describe ‘vain & attractive’ .

At present, Ajarn Kay uses this formula of oil to do Oil Sakyant which was proven even more effective when uses with Metta Senah yants from Phor Yai Kom

Luang Pu Sin (left) & Ajarn Thammafan

Ajarn Kay receiving his Tamlar from Ajarn Thammafan

Ajarn Kay with Ta Nit

AC Kay's Yep Ka Sin Fai

15/03/2012 - The day before Ajarn Kay leave our shores

DUAI NGUU . Gift from Ajarn Kay Jiat Seh.

UV 2-tailed Chinjok made by Ajarn Kay

Yant Phaya Nak done by Ajarn Kay

Yesterday Once More

Just for laughs

Another glimpse of Aj Kay's blessing before he left our shores

More blessings by Ajarn Kay Jiat Seh

14/03/2012 - 2 days before Ajarn Kay leave our shores

Aj Kay inviting his kru & lead the 2 new accepted disciples to tr

Just for laugh

More Blessing by Aj Kay

13/03/2012 - Countdown for Ajarn Kay

A great day ! Aj Kay having a glimpse with 2 new accepted disciples into his kru.


Another devotee experiencing the powerful chanting of Aj Kay

Another Yant Gao Yok done by Aj Kay Jiat Seh

Aj Kay in action!

Gao Yok done by Aj Kay Jiat Seh

More blessing by Aj Kay

12/03/2012 - Home sweet home

11/03/2012 - Just for laugh

10/03/2012 - A date with Ajarn Kay

Another powerful blessing by Aj Kay Jiat Seh

Powerful blessing by Aj Kay Jiat Seh

Lersi Na Lod locket by Ajarn kay Jiat Seh. The back contains 2 takruts to 'activate' the life of Lersi. Sacred powder from Ajarn Kay himself. Behind oso have the seed from the offsprings of this particular tree (Makham) which Ajarn Kay always he uses the energy from this tree (which was told by his master) to do consercation. Price is $70sgd

Back view of the locket Lersi Na Lod by Ajarn Kay

Limited edition 1st batch locket of Ajarn Kay Jiat Seh. Materials include 'Fossil rice stones' aka rice grains that are transformed into stones which mean food is always surplus. Also hair of Aj Kay & his masters are being added in. 2 takruts for which 1 are for luck & metta, another for Pan Ta Lod (always pass thru safely) & also magical powder & soils from 9 cemetries for luck improvement. Of cos, the magic of metta maha senah (opposite sex relationships & harmony) should not be doubt.

Back view of 1st batch locket of Ajarn Kay Jiat Seh

His virgin reaction in life & by Aj Kay. U did it again :-)

Another devotee felt the reaction of Aj Kay Jiat Seh


09/03/2012 - Ajarn Kay @ work


Aj Kay doing a Tiger Sakyant on a devotee

Tiger Sakyant completed by Aj Kay

More devotees coming for blessing from Aj Kay

Aj Kay in progress of doing Yant Mongkut Phra Puttachao

Yant Monkut Phra Puttachao completed by Aj Kay

Phra Pikanet by Aj Kay

Closer view of the Phra Pikanet as requested

08/03/2012 - Ajarn Kay has done it again

More blessings from Aj Kay Jiat Seh

Oops, He did it again !

Aj Kay doing a Phra Pikanet Sakyant for a devotee

Aj Kay does it again!

The Hoon Payoon of Northeastern magic of Thailand. They termed it 'Siang Kong' . In the magic of Northeastern, this is a buddy to the Ajarn itself when doing of rituals. Function wise same as Hoon Payoon. This is made from Ajarn Kay. The material is Sai Sin Mongkhun (magical strings used during rituals & consercation of amulets in big ceremony) & also bamboo that grows in the direction of East (Sun rise direction) that is being pick on an auspicious day & hour

Back view of Siang Kong

2 tailed Chinjok in UV ink by Ajarn Kay Jiat Seh

Another devotee coming for the Sakyant of Aj Kay's Yant Kru

07/03/2012 - Update on Ajarn Kay

Locket Jin Jot (Fox) Gao Hung (9 tailed fox) made by Aj Kay. This amulet is mearnt for attractive purposes for both male & females. The magic of this is like 'transform' the person into a more attrractive character then the usual self which helps the wearer in metta with friends, popularity & metta maha senah

Back of the locket Jin Jot Gao Hung (9 tailed fox)

Rahu Ceremony by Ajarn Kay Jiat Seh

Phaya Chinjok Songhang (2-tail lizard) by Ajarn Kay Jiat Seh. Made from old Buffaloe horns. Mearnt for metta senah, metta & sales.

Takrut Snake Skin from Ajarn Kay Jiat Seh. Genuine Phython. The purpose of snake skin takruts of Northeastern part of Thailand is mearnt for metta maha senah & also most important is for ppl who are in bad luck due to collision of own stars with the year. Renting Price is $60

Closer view of the Takrut Snake Skin

Aj Kay performing a ritual to remove bad spirits from a devotee

Holy Water Bathing by Aj Kay Jiat Seh

Another Chinjok done by Aj Kay

06/03/2012 - All about chanting

More powerful blessing from Ajarn Kay Jiat Seh

More blessings by Ajarn Kay Jiat Seh

Aj Kay performing body blessing on a devotee

05/03/2012 - Ajarn Kay back in action

Aj Kay doing body blessing on a devotee

AJ Kay doing oil Sakyant with his famous Nam Man Wan Dot Thong (Golden Flower Oil)

Aj Kay performing a ceremony & Sakyant to improve the wisdom & sensing power for Mr. Johnny Cheong of Gui Xin Geomancy

Body blessing by Aj Kay

Chinjok SongHang (2-tail lizard) in ink by Aj Kay

Aj Kay in action!

The pic of the one eyed coconut Rahu which is being used for the Rahu praying on this coming Wednesday by Aj Kay.

Close-up view

04/03/2012 - Recapped on Ajarn Kay's past event

Recapped of Aj KAy doing fortune telling & divination just using water to see yr future.

Another recapped of Aj Kay Seh performing Body Yant blessing after Sakant which use powerful chanting & cause the devotee to trance

Recapped of Ajarn Kay performing holy water bathing. U can customized what u want for the holy water blessing

Recapped of Ajarn Kay swallowing 'fire' to remove bad stuffs

Recapped of what Ajarn Kay Jiat Seh did to a devotee after receiving a powerful blessing as requested. Fingers of the devotee totally cramped after blessing by Ajarn Kay. He will never forget this for sure!

Ajarn Kay Jiat Seh is here ! As usual, he brought his goodies which always involve natural materials of the universe. More will be posted!

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