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Welcome AC Thor to Nirvana Stupa

Dear members,

Nirvana Stupa is glad to invite Ajarn Thor to perform rituals in Singapore from 11th Sept to 24th Sept 2011. This is the 1st time Ajarn Thor visiting Singapore. More services & special yants will be posted soon !!!

A brief history on Ajarn Thor

Ajarn Thor started learning the art of Sakyant & wicha Boran (traditional old-style) under the guidance of Luang Ta Phra Dep (from Phitsanulok) at a young age. Luang Ta imparted his skills on Krongkrappan , Maha Niyom, Nak Na Thong & the art of Palakid to him.

After which he seek further training under Ajarn Suk Chak (the student of the famous LP Sert,) on the magic of Ser Serming & maha chok lup.

The turning point of his journey came when he was accepted as a disciple to Ajarn Soon Thong. Ajarn Soon Thong is a famous kalawat who beholds his wicha on blowing of Gold folis into devotees's bodies & is often being invited to Malaysia to perform this art. Ajarn Thor took 3 years of discipline training under Ajarn Soon Thong which then let him master this wicha. Ajarn Thor is often being requested by his devotees to perform this magic which he himself didn't open publicise that he knew this wicha. This is the 1st time that Ajarn Thor is performing this art outside Thailand.

Ajarn Thor then further his training in Maha Senah by learning Wicha Lan Na (from north) from Ajarn Mang which he masters the magic in Inn Thong, Inn Keow, Mah Sep Nang etc

Finally but not last, Ajarn Thor was taken lineage of the Phor Thiang;s school when he was accepted as a disciple by Grandmaster Keow Manee which Ajarn Thor had been learning from Grandmaster Ajarn Keow.

Ajarn Thor's secret weapon! Ajarn Thor own's version of Nam Man Wan Dot Thong. This recipe was passed down by Luang Ta Phra Dep to Ajarn Thor. Now Ajarn Thor did his own cultivation & having about not less than 1000 plants of Wan Dot Thong in his farmyard. As explained by Ajarn Thor, the oil inside is excreted from the plant & flowers itself in it's most natural form. No chemicals to enhance the smell & it's all 100% natural. As told by Ajarn Thor, the best effects will be achieved if using this oil to be done with Senah Yants or Nak Na Thong

Ajarn Thor with Luang Ta Phra Dep

Ajarn Thor with Ajarn Soon Thong (famous for blowing of Gold Foils)

Ajarn Thor is doing sakyant for Matthieu Duquenois

24/09/2011 - The day before AC Thor leave our shores

Back Wrapping done by Ajarn Thor

8 directional Yant by Ajarn Thor

Rabbit Yant (Yant Kra Tai) . This is a Lanna wiccha which Ajarn Thor had learned from Northern part of Thailand

Yant Ta Chang leg wrapping by Ajarn Thor

The side view

Another side view

23/09/2011 - 1 more day before AC Thor leave our shores

More Phet paya Thong by Ajarn Thor

Another Phet Paya Thong

Another nice pair of Sian Lersi

Sian Lersi Serminpai

22/09/2011 - 2 more days before AC Thor leave our shores

Phra Iswan done by Ajarn Thor

More Phet Paya Thong done by Ajarn Thor

Another Phet Paya Thong by Ajarn Thor

A pair of yant Tao Lien (tortise yant)

19/09/2011 - AC Thor @ work

Ajarn Thor doing a 1-piece gold foil blessing on our great Jazzelle :-)

Ajarn Thor doing a simple demostration by 'blowing' the gold foils into a mineral bottle. Before doing that, Ajarn Thor uses tape to seal the cap (to show it's not tampered)

Another video on a lady devotee inspecting the gold foils before the ritual.

Do notice that after the gold foils are being blown into the devotee, there are no trances of oil stains on the paper that wrapped the fragile gold foil.

Another pair of Sian Lersi

Lersi Phor Gae

Lersi Serming Pai

18/09/2011 - Sakyant @ Nirvana Stupa

Was questioned that is that a possibility that Ajarn Thor exchanged the gold foils during the procedure???

To proved this, we did a special procedure which the 3 pieces of gold foils (with gold present) was placed in a Zip lock bag in front of the devotee & was holding in his hand until the last moment when it was placed on the devotee's forehead before Ajarn Thor 'blow' into the devotee's forehead. After which the devotee inspect the gold foils in the unopened Zip lock bag to prove that the gold foils are not being exchanged.

Full UV ink Sakyant, done at Nirvana Stupa !

A pair of UV Ser Ming Tiger (Ser SerMing) by Ajarn Thor

Another side of the magic

More Phi Phet Paya Thong !!! Up, up & away !!!

16/09/2011 - TGIF @ Nirvana Stupa

Phor Thiang Gao Yok by Ajarn Thor

Phra Hanuman done by Ajarn Thor

Another Phet Paya Thong in UV ink by Ajarn Thor

A pair of Lersi Sakyant by Ajarn Thor

Close up of the pair of Lersi

Close up of the other side

14/09/2011 - It's all about blessing & sakyant

Ajarn Thor performing blowing 9 pieces of Gold foils at a shot

Another devotee coming for the 3-piece gold foils which Ajarn Thor blows into his forehead

Ajarn Thor demostrating the wicha of 'injecting' the magic of Ser Serming (Tiger Serming) into a devotee. The devotee himself doesn't have any Tiger Sakyant on his body. As explained by Ajarn Thor, this wicha is use for inducing the wicha into the body without the devotee having any Tiger Sakyant. When 3 times of the wicha is being induced into the devotee. The effect is the same as having the properties of Tiger Sakyant on the devotee's body

Yant Om Phra done by Ajarn Thor

Yant Elbow Punch done by Ajarn Thor

Arm Wrapping by Ajarn Thor

Arm wrapping (2)

13/09/2011 - Update on AC Thor @ Nirvana Stupa

Another completed Phet Phaya Thong by Ajarn Thor

Ajarn Thor blowing 3 gold foils at 1 shot into devotee's forehead

12/09/2011 - Now you see it, now you don't

Ajarn Thor own's bottle of Nam Man Wan Dot Thong after blowing another piece of gold foil into it... Can u see the big piece of gold foil in front? It was blown into the bottle of Nam Man Wan Dot Thong!!! I still can't believe that my own eyes witnessed the process!!

A close-up of the intact gold foil after it is being blown into the bottle by Ajarn Thor

11/09/2011 - Seeing is believing

Ajarn Thor doing a Hanuman sakyant

Hanuman Completed by Ajarn Thor

Phaya Phet Thong by Ajarn Thor

Video showing Ajarn Thor blowing the gold foil into devotee's forehead for luck

A completed Phet Phaya Thong in UV ink by Ajarn Thor

Ajarn Thor showing the wicha of using 'inner energy' to blow the gold foil into the bottle containing Nam Man Wan Dot Thong. This procedure is being witness by devotees who are present. Really amazing feat !

10/09/2011 - Welcome AC Thor to Nirvana Stupa

Artwork by Ajarn Thor

Another piece of Ajarn Thor's artwork

Another nice artwork. I mean the artwork bros :-P