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Welcome AC Thor back to Nirvana Stupa

Dear members and associate,

Nirvana Stupa is glad to invite อาจารย์โต อินทาโภ (Ajarn Thor) to perform rituals in Singapore from 19th to 29th Dec 2011. This is the 2nd times Ajarn Thor visiting Singapore. This round of visit, he will be performing the art of Flying Palakids & also the wicha of blowing gold foils & blowing of Holy Fire. In additional, this round Ajarn Thor will perform the sakyant of his version of Yant Bua Bhang Bai (the famous yant of Luang Phor Sawai, wat Preedaram)

A brief history on Ajarn Thor

Ajarn Thor started learning the art of Sakyant & wicha Boran (traditional old-style) under the guidance of Luang Ta Phra Dep (from Phitsanulok) at a young age. Luang Ta imparted his skills on Krongkrappan , Maha Niyom, Nak Na Thong to him.

After which he seek further training under Ajarn Suk Chak (the student of the famous LP Sert on the magic of Ser Serming & maha chok lup. In additional, Ajarn Thor also received the magic of Blowing Holy Fire from the former.

The turning point of his journey came when he was accepted as a disciple to Ajarn Soon Thong. Ajarn Soon Thong is a famous kalawat who beholds his wicha on blowing of Gold folis into devotees's bodies & is often being invited to Malaysia to perform this art. Ajarn Thor took 3 years of discipline training under Ajarn Soon Thong which then let him master this wicha. Ajarn Thor is often being requested by his devotees to perform this magic which he himself didn't open publicise that he knew this wicha. This time of visiting, Ajarn Thor will also perform another great wicha from Ajarn Soon Thong, the art of consercating 'Flying Palakids'

Ajarn Thor then further his training in Maha Senah by learning Wicha Lan Na (from north) from Ajarn Mang which he masters the magic in Inn Thong, Inn Keow, Mah Sep Nang etc

Finally but not last, Ajarn Thor was taken lineage of the Phor Thiang;s school when he was accepted as a disciple by Grandmaster Keow Manee which Ajarn Thor had been learning from Grandmaster Keow for the past 1 1/2 yrs.

Ajarn Thor's secret weapon! Ajarn Thor own's version of Nam Man Wan Dot Thong. This recipe was passed down by Luang Ta Phra Dep to Ajarn Thor. Now Ajarn Thor did his own cultivation & having about not less than 1000 plants of Wan Dot Thong in his farmyard. As explained by Ajarn Thor, the oil inside is excreted from the plant & flowers itself in it's most natural form. No chemicals to enhance the smell & it's all 100% natural. As told by Ajarn Thor, the best effects will be achieved if using this oil to be done with Senah Yants or Nak Na Thong

Ajarn Thor with Luang Ta Phra Dep

Ajarn Thor with Ajarn Soon Thong (famous for blowing of Gold Foils)

Ajarn Thor is doing sakyant for Matthieu Duquenois

Yant Bua Bhang Bai of Luang Phor Sawai, Wat Preedaram. This version is imparted from Luang Phor Sawai to Ajarn Pit Chan (Wat Pho Pak Hai, Ayutthaya province) which is later passed down to Ajarn Thor. This version is recorded in the old manual (tamlar) of Luang Phor Sawai & still kept in the temple of Ajarn Pit Chan.

Ajarn Pit Chan of Wat Pho Pak Hai, Ayutthaya Province. The master to Ajarn Thor which the magic of Luang Phor Sawai was being passed down to.

30/12/2011 - Bye bye AC Thor, thank you for your service!

Hanuman Sakyant done by Ajarn Thor

Close up on the back view

Yant Har Tiow by Ajarn Thor

Some of Ajarn Thor's works before leaving our shores. Another nice pair of Salika Sakyant

Lanna Magic, Yant Ling Toon done by Ajarn Thor

29/12/2011 - Last days before AC Thor leaves our shores

Tiger SerMing by Ajarn Thor

More Phet Phaya Thong by Ajarn Thor

28/12/2011 - 2 more days before AC Thor leaves our shores

More fire blowing by Ajarn Thor

Fire Fire burn so high!

Fire Blowing Ritual performed by Ajarn Thor

27/12/2011 - 3 more days before AC Thor leaves our shores

Blessing by Ajarn Thor

26/12/2011 - Countdown for AC Thor

Another Yant Bua Bhang Bai done by Ajarn Thor

Yant Har Tiow & Metta Salika done by Ajarn Thor

25/12/2011 - AC Thor wish your Merry Christmas

Another devotee who come for the best combination

Another Yant Bua Bhang Bai done by Ajarn Thor

Another Phet Phaya Thong in UV ink by Ajarn Thor

24/12/2011 - AC Thor @ work

Phra Hanuman Phrom done by Ajarn Thor

Phra Pikanet aka Lord Ganesha Sakyant done by Ajarn Thor

23/12/2011 - Update on AC Thor's package

In celebration of festive seasons, Magical Cloth (Phayant) Of Yant Bua Bhang Bai by Ajarn Thor will be given to devotees with compliments (price is S$18) from Nirvana Stupa who do the any of the following packages :

1) Holy Fire Blowing Ritual ( only on 26th Dec 2011)
2) Blowing of 9 pcs of gold foils @ S$68
3) Renting of Nam Man Wan Dot Thong & Flying Palakid of Ajarn Thor (both @ price of S$75)

An early Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all friends & associates of Nirvana Stupa Sakyant !

Phayant Yant Bua Bhang Bai by Ajarn Thor. Renting price is S$18 per piece

Ajarn Thor performing blowing 3 gold foils on a devotee

What is Sakyant

Sakyant is not abt the ink that is used. It's abt the magic that is being exercised & used. In short, it's the procedure & the way it is done & not the way it is completed. If the master noes the wicha of Sakyant, it will works even when using water. Was heard from some comments that UV ink is not a trend in Thailand for Sakyant. Sakyant is not abt trend, it's abt transformation. The ink is just a medium, not the core. The core lies with the master & his katha. Using UV ink is abt preserving the traditional art in a modern way. Nirvana Stupa is proud to be the 1st in sg doing Sakyant with UV ink.

22/12/2011 - more updates on AC Thor

In progress of doing Yant Bua Bhang Bai by Ajarn Thor

Completed Yant Bua Bhang Bai by Ajarn Thor

Another completed Phet Phaya Thong by Ajarn Thor

Phet Phaya Thong done by Ajarn Thor

Ajarn Thor performing a ritual to check whether the devotee had any black magic or evil spirits in him as he had suspected & feel very weird feelings. This ritual is like 'calling' the evil & wicked to be surface & chked the signs & symptoms

Video demostration of Ajarn Thor performing the Holy Fire Blowing

21/12/2011 - Ajarn Thor's Holy Fire Blowing

Ajarn Thor demostrating the wicha of Blowing Fire. During actual procedure, it will be complete with 3 fire balls to clear the bad luck & bad spirits or aura that habour us then followed by a special formulated Holy water bathing to complete the whole ritual

Date: 26/12/2011 (New date)

Time: 12:00 to 16:00

Holy Fire Blowing Event. 'Bao Gai Sin Fai' in Thai which they addresses it as. This is a ancient ritual as performed in the old days which the master uses element of Fire to burn off the bad luck, bad spirits & aura which is habouring the devotee. 3 Fire balls will be blow which include 3 separate times to remove 'Sin Mai dee' which means removing of bad emotions, bad spirits, bad things etc .After which the master will uses the Water element to make into Holy water to perform a bathing on the devotee to bring in the luck for the devotee. This ritual was being taught to Ajarn Thor by Ajarn Suk Chak which the latter learn this wicha from Luang Pu Prasert, Wat Leam Mak Ker which is a disciple of the late Luang Phor Pan, Wat Bangnomkor (the monk of who made Yant Kropetch famous & also the animals Somdej).

Registration Fee is $48 per person.

Recapped the last visit of Ajarn Thor doing a 9 piece gold foil blowing. Special price for festive seasons. 9 piece blowing for S$68

20/12/2011 - New updates on Ajarn Thor

Ajarn Thor doing body blessing on a devotee after having Ser Serm

Ajarn Thor performing a type of special blessing. 'Injecting' Ser

Showing Ajarn Thor performing the wicha of blowing of gold foil

Stock bottles of Nam Man Wan Dot Thong for renting brought by Ajarn Thor

The best combination. Yant Bua Bhang Bai & Yant Phet Phaya Thong. As told & explained by Ajarn Pit Chan, this 2 are actually a combined magic in the old ancient tamlar which was like Heavenly Sword & Dragon Knife. Both can't leave each other

Completed Yant Bua Bhang Bai in UV ink.

In progress doing the Yant Bua Bhang Bai in UV ink on a devotee

Completed Sakyant of Ser Serming by Ajarn Thor

Ajarn Thor doing a Ser Serming (Yant Tiger Serming) on a devotee