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Welcome AC Mann back to Nirvana Stupa

Dear members & friends,

Apologised for the long wait for those who had requested myself to bring Ajarn Mann back.

Ajarn Mann will be back to Nirvana Stupa from 16th June to 30th June 2011. During this trip, Ajarn Mann will be performing traditional Sakyant in oil (using Nam Man Wan Gai Daeng) , Ink Sakyant & UV Sakyant.

Short history of Ajarn Mann himself. Ajarn had been started to learning wicha since the young age of 12 with LP Chom of Wat Klang Khun Phaeng (disicple of the renowned LP Sawai Of Wat Preedaram). The famous Yant Bua Bhang Bua, Yant Na Phra etc is being imparted to Ajarn himself. To further his search in wicha, Ajarn Mann seek lineage under LP Nak Phor Wan in Ayutthaya which is famous for wicha in luck enhancement & senah from the Northern part of Thailand. To improve more of his skills & wicha, Ajarn Mann then further seek lineage under Phor Thiang which he got the opportunity to learn from Master Keow Manee (which we represent) to learn more wicha from Phor Thiang's khru.

Ajarn Mann Anusas is being frequently being invited to KL, Penang & Taiwan to perform his skills in traditional art of Sakyant (more details can be found under Sakyant thread in the Retired Forums section).

Venue : Nirvana Stupa @ 219, Lavender St

Time : from 11am onwards (do call in advance to check shop closing hrs)

Package Price :

Gold Leaf blessings (devotees could request for the effects they want)

3pcs - $28

5pcs - $38

9pcs - $48

Insertion of Gold Needles (devotees could request what effects they want) - $88 per pair (Gold & White Gold)

Sakyant (oil Sakyant) - From $28 onwards

Sakyant (ink Sakyant) - From $38 onwards

Sakyant (UV Sakyant) - From $58 onwards

Showing few speciality Yants of Ajarn Mann

Yant Bua Bhang Bai - $108 (in oil), $128 (in ink), $158 (in UV ink)

Yant Na Phra - $68 (in oil), $88 (in ink), $118 (in UV)

Yant Duan Keow

Special Yant for this round during Ajarn Mann's visit. This Yant is call Yant Duan Keow. Duan means 'life' in Thai, Keow means 'crystal' in Thai.

The Yant consist of 3 duans. Top : Duan Tee Neng (Life No. 1) - this is a yant which improves personal metta, this Yant means even others dun like us, the devas & gods will like us.

Bottom Left : Duan Tee Song (Life No. 2) - this Yant helps to protect us from danger, bad stuffs & prevent back stabbing.

Bottom Right : Duan Tee Sam (Life No. 3) - this Yant helps to improve luck, success, for selling, promotion in work & improvement in life.

Price : $118 (in ink), $98 (in oil using Nam Man Wan Gai Daeng), $148 (in UV)

As agreed by Ajarn Mann, he will be doing his Yant Khru (aka Yant Nak Khru) for the 1st time here in Singapore. The Yant itself contains metta, klaad keaw properties, five elements, nanathong, maha ud.

Since tomorrow is Ajarn Mann's last day of service for this visit, we are having this Yant as only a promotional Yant til tomorrow.

Price : $38 (in ink), $28 (in oil), $58 (in UV)

30/06/2011 - The day before AC Mann leave our shores

For your info that 1st July will be Ajarn Mann's last day of service. Hope to see more devotees visiting Ajarn Mann.

3 pretty ladies with chinjoks done in oil

Ajarn Mann with 3 devotees pretty ladies with chinjoks done in oil

Yant Bua Bhang Bai (in color)

Yant Duan Keow (in color)

Yant Plaa Lai (eel)

Yant Singha

Yant Na Phra & Phra Pikanet Sakyant

Chinjoks Sakyant

UV ink Sakyant

Oil Sakyant

Phaya Ban Ler (King of Palakid)

26/06/2011 - AC Mann @ Nirvana Stupa

Another pair of Tiger Sakyant

Yant Put Tat Nit Mit

Further enhance with a pair of Chinjoks

Another pair of Tiger Sakyant

Yant Na Phra & Yant Pi Lod

Body Wrapping

Yant Phaya Kruk

24/06/2011 -AC Mann @ work

Yant Bua Bhang Bai

In full coloured

In white

In oil

Chinjok (in UV ink Sakyant)

Yant Jak Na Lai

Lersi Serminpai

23/06/2011 -Sharing AC Mann's Masterpiece

Yant Gao Yok Phor Thiang

Arrow Punch (in UV light)

Yant Duan Keow (in UV light)

Another pair of Tiger Sakyant by Ajarn Man

Lersi Tar Fai Sakyant

Yant Pidta & Lotus Sakyant

Yant Na Phra & Lotus Sakyant

21/06/2011 - AC Mann @ Nirvana Stupa

Yant Duan Keow.
This a Northern wicha which Ajarn Mann obtained from Kruba Wan.
The Acarats is in Mon

Yant Bua Bhang Bai (do using Nam Man Wan Gai Daeng)

Chinjok Sakyant

20/06/2011 - AC Mann's Amulet update

Phaya Pai (Ghost King) with Ghost Coin

Another version of Phaya Pai (Ghost King) with 9 silver takruts & NMP

Takrut Maha Senah

Takrut Maha Chok Lup

Takrut Koo Chee Wit Noi

Mae Hong Pai (normal phim) with head skull bone

Mae Hong Pai (special Phim) with head skull bones, hip bones & gold takrut

Phaya Khaw Kam (this is Ajarn Mann's 3rd batch)

Takrut Koo Chee Wit Noi (large) - for the purpose for bucha at home (can be stuff at incense bowl)

Phra Rahu (with takrut sankatsat)

19/06/2011 - AC Mann @ work

Yant Bua Bhang Bai by Ajarn Mann Anusas

Yant Na Phra in white by Ajarn Mann Anusas

Sian Phra Pikanet (Lord Ganesha)

Yant Pilod

A pair of Tigers Sakyant done by Ajarn Mann Anusas

nsertion of Gold & Silver (white gold) Needles by Ajarn Mann Anusas

18/06/2011 - AC Mann in action @ Nirvana Stupa

Yant Bua Bhang Bai

Chinjok Sakyant by Ajarn Mann

Yant Na Phra in UV ink by Ajarn Mann

Yant Mae Tub in UV ink by Ajarn Mann

Arrow Punch in UV ink by Ajarn Mann

Yant Na Phra by Ajarn Mann Anusas

Yant Jung Nang Kow Hong (origin from LP Sawai)

Yant Put Tat Metta

Nirvana Stupa

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