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Past videos of AC Kay during his visit in May 2011

Welcome AC Kay back to Nirvana Stupa

Dear members,

Nirvana Stupa is glad to invite Ajarn Kay from Kalasin to perform rituals in Singapore from 16th Aug 2011. This will be his 2nd time visiting Nirvana Stupa.

A brief history on Ajarn Kay

Ajarn Kay is a kalawat from Kalasin. Was born in Roy Aik in a big family due to the fact that the grandfather (Phor Yai Kom) of Ajarn Kay has 12 wives.

From young age, Ajarn Kay had witnessed the magical powers of his grandfather in Metta Senah which could have his 12 wives in harmony with each other. Also Phor Yai Kom possessed the magic of Gai Jit Urn (Chicken Pecking the Toad) which means the practitioner of this wicha causes the his skin to toughen just like when the chicken peck at the toad while the latter strengthen his skin against attacks.

At 7 years old of age, Ajarn Kay wishes to learn wicha from his grandfather but being rejected cos his grandfather wants him to go thru a proper academic education instead. Phor Yai Kom passed away when Ajarn Kay was 10 yrs old then, without receiving any proper impartion of his magic to him.

When reached a ripe age of 15, he was ordained as a monk at Wat Sin Suk (Maha Sarakarm) under the perception of Luang Pu Sin.

Luang Pu Sin knowing that the young Ajarn Kay loves to learn wicha, he recommended him to find Ajarn Thammafan, a kalawat in the province of Loei who is a well known disciple from the lineage of LP Suk, Wat Makam Tao which he learnt Sakyant & various forms of magic. The turning point of Ajarn Kay happened here when Ajarn Kay was fated to meet his long lost relative & close friend of Phor Yai Kom, named Ta Nit.

Ta Nit knowing that Ajarn Kay has well grown into a good character teenager, passed him the Tamlar (magical scriptures) of Phor Yai Kom which was keep by him before the latter�s death. Phor Yai Kom had asked Ta Nit to keep the Tamlar & if by fate to meet his descedants of him who wishes to learn, do teach him & let him have the Tamlar, if not , do destroy the Tamlar & let the magic die wit Ta Nit cos Phor Yai Kom doesn�t wish this magic to be abused & passed down to the wrong person.

The most important portion of the Tamlar contains Yants for Metta senah & luck but most important of all , the formula for making & consercation the magical oil which was named �Nam Man Wan Dot Thong� , was means The Gold Flower Oil. �Dot Thong� in thai language is a phrase to describe �vain & attractive� .

At present, Ajarn Kay uses this formula of oil to do Oil Sakyant which was proven even more effective when uses with Metta Senah yants from Phor Yai Kom

Luang Pu Sin (left) & Ajarn Thammafan

Ajarn Kay receiving his Tamlar from Ajarn Thammafan

Ajarn Kay with Ta Nit

30/08/2011 - The day before AC Kay left our shores

Another oil sakyant done by Ajarn Kay

29/08/2011 - Update on AC Kay's Yep Ka Sin Fai part III

Showing some pics of yesterday's event. Ajarn Kay performing stepping of Holy Fire Ritual

Stepping the Holy Fire

Special request by a devotee having the Yant Kru of Ajarn Kay done in UV ink

Another Yant Kru done in UV by Ajarn Kay

28/08/2011 - Update on AC Kay's Yep Ka Sin Fai part II

Buddha Magic on Koh Lanta

First of three Yantra foils which will be later combined into one single Takrut amulet. The amulet is for someone who has donated to the foundation project. This foil is copper and has Yant sip sorng tidt on it (12 directions Yant) - the Yant design on the face, is Kong Grapan Chadtri and Klaew Klaad magic spell to protect and have gunstopper power, plus evasion of danger and deadly accidents.. the next Yant foil will have Metta Mahaniyom and Choke Laap magic, and the third one will Have Maha Sanaeh and Serm Duang magic. the final result will be a large Takrut with long rak black coating and pid tong gold leaf covering, and maybe some sacred agkhara spells written on the exterior too (not sure yet)

27/08/2011 - Update on AC Kay's Yep Ka Sin Fai part I

Takrut Gai Sin Fai - This takrut will be given to those who attend the Yep Gai Sin Fai during this Sunday's event. The takrut will be bite by the devotee in his or her mouth during the Fire stepping ritual to bless it.

26/08/2011 - AC Kay @ work

Another powerful blessing by Ajarn Kay !!!

Another devotee coming for the Ma Set Nang Sakyant to improve Maha Senah

Phra Hanuman in nam Man wan Dot Thong by Ajarn Kay

Another Phra Hanuman done by Ajarn kay in Nam Man Wan Dot Thong

25/08/2011 - The power of blessing

Another powerful blessing by Ajarn Kay

Improving of luck ritual by Ajarn Kay

23/08/2011 - It's all about Sakyant

A devotee just completed Sakyant by Ajarn Kay with Nam Man Wan Dot Thong

Ma Set Nang (for metta senah) done by Ajarn Kay using Nam Man Wan Dot Thong

Phra Hanuman done with Nam Man Wan Dot Thong by Ajarn Kay

22/08/2011 - Update on AC Kay's Yep Ka Sin Fai

Date: 28 August � 10:00 - 14:00

Location: Nirvana Stupa

219, Lavender St, Singapore

Yep Ka Sin Fai, in Thai means stepping with holy fire. This is an ancient magic adapted which Masters will step on the palms of the disciple to remove bad spirits & attachments to the body to 'cleanse' the body of the disciple to receive better luck. Ajarn kay himself will perform this ritual for the 1st time here in Singapore which normally this ritual is being done in his hometown, Kalasin (Thailand) during festivals of majaor events like Wai Kru (Teacher's day). The ritual is done as such that the disciple will use the mouth to bite on a takrut (hand-written by Ajarn Kay himself) with Ajarn Kay will uses his feet to step onto a 108 Herbal oil which will bring the flames of the Holy Water to be stepped on the palms of the disciples followed by a Lersi krop Sian (using his teacher to bless the disciple) to complete the ritual.

Devotees of all age group are welcome. Do contact Vincent @ +65 8225 6535 for more details.

Power Blessing by Ajarn Kay

Fingers of a devotee totally cramped after blessing by Ajarn Kay. Power !

19/08/2011 - Update on AC Kay

This is the Mai Thep Pha which Ajarn Kay uses to add in the new formulae of Nam Hong Wan Dot Thong. As told by Ajarn Kay, there's less than 5 trees in the region of Thailand. from the ancient Tamlar (scriptures), it was being laid that this type of tree was mearnt for receiving luck when being pay respects to & the branches & leaves that are facing the direction of East (sun rise direction) could be used to make sacred objects to improve luck.

Noticed the natural growth at the bottom of the Mai Thep Pha? There's 2 root figurines that naturally grown from the roots of the tree. As told by Ajarn Kay, they are the guardians sent by the Theps (Gods) to protect the tree.

Closer view of the figurines

Closer view of the Mai Thep Pha

Off Springs of the tree. Ajarn Kay uses this to make Kumanthongs & other sacred objects

Ajarn Kay praying respects & asking permission from the guardians to obtain the leaves, branches & offsprings from the Mai Thep Pha.

Palakids made from Mai Thep Pha for attracting of luck & fortune. Personally crafted by Ajarn Kay himself. Only left 5 nos available.

Kam Lai (in Thai, Kam Lai means 'Profit'), 3 sizes available . For wearing to prevent losing of fortune.

Takrut 108 waist belt. Only 2 available. Each takrut personally written by Ajarn Kay himself. The takrut is mearnt for all aspects to prevent danger, bad spirits, bad omens to increase of luck.

Takrut Inn Thong. Inside contains wood from Mai Thep Pha for fetching of fortune & wealth. A takrut inside for protection & also Inn Thong for senah purpose.

Gumanthong , made from 7 cememtry soils (for activation of 5 elements) & also from the offsprings from Mai Thep Pha for helping the owner against bad omens in early warnings & wealth fortune including improvement of luck.

Ajarn Kay in action doing a body blessing on a devotee

Preparation for holy water blessing.

Another of Ajarn Kay's speciality. Takrut Rook Meow. It was previously being posted here in FB during my visit to Ajarn Kay. Rook Meow is the umbilical cord that is connected to the placenta.

Holy Water Bathing by Ajarn Kay, special ingredients will be added into the water for maximum effect. Materials should be revealed later.

Special Yants for this round's visit by Ajarn Kay. Yant Put Tat Koon Si Tit - This yant is mearnt for protect us against bad & evil forces which come at all times & directions especially when our luck is down at times which having the elements & stars not on our side. The Yant itself will prevent wind downfall & our luck from falling further. It also helps to protect danger

Yant Maha Chok Lup Tung Thong Thung Ngern - This Yant is mearnt for phor Kar Sap (for wealth). Tung Thong means 'Gold Bag' & Thung Ngern means 'Silver Bag'. The yant will help to protect wealth & fortune, also helps the devotee to get money smoother

Yant Senah Nang Oak Tac - This is a senah Yant which helps to improve the harmony with people, improve relationships between couples & also for opposite sex attraction

The Yants will be done with Nam Man Wan Dot Thong (Golden Flower Oil) to improve it's maximum effects.

18/08/2011 - New stock on the block

Introducing the new formulae of Nam Hong (Perfume) Wan Dot Thong that Ajarn Kay is using for this round. The materials contains the flower buds of Wan Dot Thong (Golden Flower), Mai Thep Pha (from holy tree), takrut (for senah & luck), Inn Thong (for improvement of relationship)

Nirvana Stupa

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