Welcome AC Keow back to Nirvana Stupa @ Shumuli.

Dear members,

we are glad to have Master Keow back to Nirvana Stupa @ Shumuli from 4th December 2010 to 23rd Dec December 2010.

More Sakyant & Blessing packages will be updated soon. Hope to see more devotees before a good year ends & have another good year ahead !

A short introduction on Master Keow himself in case some devotees may not be familiar with him.

Master Arjarn Keow is a 53 year old White Robe Arjan (Kalawat), born in Saraburi but later moved to the Bangkok. Archan Keow started his magicals skills as early as the age of 19 yrs with the renowned Archan Chum Chaikiri. Perfection of his skills with Archan Chum for 6 years until the latter passed away in BE 2525. After which Archan Keow continued his studies on Wicai with Archan Thoy Walawit (a direct lineage from Great Master Archan Tiang Muamana), Archan Thoy, seeing the former with a kind & straight character, undoubtfully passed his fully learnt skills as taught by Phor Tiang to Archan Keow to pass on the lineage of Great Master Phor Tiang due today. In addition, that made Archan Keow the only disciple of Master Thoy which the latter passed down his skills to as recognised til date. Todate, Master Keow still passed down his skills to most Archans who seek to learn more from him. AC Chai, AC Piak, AC Mann & AC Ae are also well known disciples who Master Keow had taught.

With over 20 years of experiences in wichai & other formidable skills, AC Keow is more than qualified to perform several rituals and apply Sakyant to devotees. As always being invited by temple to perform consercation of amulets due to his popularity & experienced in magic skills. Besides that, Master Keow is also being invited to Malaysia to perform Sakyant & rituals.

Stay tune for more update!

Pls click on the link for services available.

19/12/2010 - Master Keow is leaving our shores

Due to being invited by Arjarn Thoy for consercation ceremony, Master Keow will be leaving our shores tomorrow 20/12/2010.

Yant Put Tat Nit Mi

Yant Moo Thong Daeng

Yant Maha Chompoo Song Tee Wit

Yant Na Wa Mai Kort

Chinjok (in white)

Yant Phor Mae, Yant Phor Kap sap & Yant Nak Gin Mai Roo Moot

Gold Leaf Blessing & Holy Water Blessing

15/12/2010 - Small updates on Master Keow's artwork

Yant Par Ya Kar Nam

Yant Kat San Thor Ruk Nee

Yant Phor Mae

13/12/2010 - Updates on Master Keow's daily artwork

Yant Put Tat Ni Mit

Yant Moo Thong Daeng (the famous signature yant from Phor Thiang)

Yant Gao Yok Metta Maha Niyom (the Yant which was passed down from AC Pan , the grandfather of Arjarn Thoy, the master to Arjarn Keow)

Yant Nak kar Long (for metta senah)

Yant Gao Yok Phor Thiang

Traditional Yant Har Tiow (30 Tat baramee)

Master Keow's Yant Khru (the katha is Nak Arahang Nak)

Yant Phor Kar Sap & Yant Nak Gin Mai Roo Moot (another trademark Yant of Phor Thiang)

More devotees coming for Holy Water bathing

10/12/2010 - Master Keow in action

Yant Nak Tib Plak Sib

Yant Nak Kat San Thor Luk Nee

Yant Nak Wa Mai Kort (see u with no anger)

Yant Gao Yok Metta Maha Niyom

Yant Chinjok (for wealth & senah)

Yant Pet tit

Modfications to a tribal tattoo into Yant Pet Tit

08/12/2010 - Updates on Master Keow's daily artwork

Yant Maha Som Pad Tat Na

Yant Gao Yok (junior size)

Yant Gao Yok Phor Thiang
In Black

In Oil

Yant Phor Mae

Yant Maha Chompoo Song Tee Wit

Yant Bua

07/12/2010 - Master Keow @ work

Yant Shun Rien Keow

Yant Put Tat Ni Mit (aka Yant Put Tat Kon)

06/12/2010 - More updates on Master Keow 's Sakyant

Body Blessing (recharging of Yants)

Yant Nak Kat San Thor Luk Nee (metta senah)

Yant Nak Tib Plak Sib

Yant Khru of Master Keow

Yant Nak KP Pheng Roop (metta senah)

Yant Nak Phor Kar Sap & Yant mai Gin Mai Roo Moot (for wealth)

Yant Nak Ler (for wealth)

04/12/2010 - Rolling off some updates from Master Keow

Sakyant of Monkhut phraputtachao & Yant Ger Dong Sak Thong

Master Keow performing Goldfoils (for metta senah) on the devotee

Master Keow doing Nam Mon Thor Luk Nee San for devotees

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