Welcome AC Keow back to Nirvana Stupa @ Shumuli.

Good news, with permission from Arjahn Thoy, Nirvana Stupa will be allow to sak the highest wichai of Sakyant by the lengendary Phor Thiang, the Yant Bua Keow (in full version) as originally passed down in full details from Phor Thiang to Arjahn Thoy.

As advised by Master Keow, the Yant can only be done on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. Prefer to be done in group of 3 or 5 in order for members to share the offering items for the ceremony before the Yant to be sak.

For more details. do contact us personally. For viewing of the Yants, do drop by personally from 21th August onwards.

(Due to some personal issue, AC Keow will visit Nirvana Stupa on 21th August instead the scheduled 20th August. )

Sorry for any inconvenience cause. Hope to see your soon.

Nirvana Stupa @ Shumuli:

06/09/2010 - AC Keow @ Nirvana Stupa (Shumuli)

12/09/2010 - Before AC Keow left our shores.

Yant Bua Keow

Yant Bua Keow in oil

Yant Shun Rien Keow

Yant Shun Rien Keow on a lady

Yant Nak Tib Plak Sib

Yant Gao Yok

Yant Gao Yok Phor Thiang

08/09/2010 - Countdown for AC Keow.

Last Thursday's session of doing the Yant Bua Keow

Yant Nak Tib Plak Sib

KP Pheng Roop

Yant Maha Chompoo Song Tit Wee

A pair of Yant Nak Phor Kap Sap & Yant Nak Gin Mai Rue Moot

07/09/2010 - AC Keow @ work

Yant Shun Rien Keow

Hanuman Sakyant

A lady disciple doing UV Sakyant by AC Keow

Holy Water Blessing for ppl who are down on their luck or other reasons. Master Keow will blessed the water according to the problems of individuals as customized.


Yant Nak Nang Kwak

Yant Nak Tib Plak Sib

Yant Maha Ger Dong Sak Thong

31/08/2010 - AC Keow in action

Phoenix Sakyant on a brave lady luksit

House and Shop blessing

Nak Phor kar sap

Nak Gin Mai Ru Moot

Yant Kru

Gao Yok Metta Maha Niyom

Nak Tib Plak Sib

Blessing to luksits & Holy water Blessing

25/08/2010 - AC Keow @ work and updates on Yant Bua Keow.

Yant Bua Keow

As instructed by Arjahn Thoy to prevent further exposure, the pic of Yant Bua Keow has been removed from the site. Members who wish to find out more information about the Yant could kindly contact me.

The next session for the sakyant of Yant Bua Keow will be on 2nd September 2010

Gao Yok Metta Maha Niyom (in red ink)

Yant Nak KP Pheng Roop

25/08/2010 - Update on AC Keow's Masterpiece & Promotion.

Promotional Yant for this round of visit is Yant Maha Som Pad Tat Na. The yant itself was passed to Arjahn Thoy from a close disciple, Arjahn Noii who learnt this wicha from LP Derm, Wat Nong Pho.

The Yant could be done in 1 or pair. If done in pair, the 4 empty slots could be filled up as according as what is needed, Maha Phor Kar Sap, Maha Amnard, Maha Chok Lub, Maha Niyom etc

Price : 1 only , $118 (in ink) / $88 (in oil) In pair, $218 (in ink) / $188 (in oil)

Yant Maha Som Pad Tat Na

The famous Gao Yok Metta Maha Niyom

Yant Kru Master Keow

1 pair of Gao Yok Metta Maha Niyom

More updates

Yant Nak nang kwak in UV ink

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