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Notice of Nirvana Stupa

This is an official announcement that Nirvana Stupa Sakyant had ceased operations in Singapore on rituals and our well known Traditional Sakyant services and from now we will be doing more on sales of amulets, wholesale & supplies.

Hereby wish to thanks many who had grown up with us all these years, we will all miss you and hopefully my venture in our neighborhood country will be a great success and can revive back the memories of us together ! Once again, greatly thanks and appreciate to all the support that is shown and given by u guys ! U r just simply great!!!

A public announcement to be sternly make here.

I had heard from some reliable sources that few new amulets dealers who just started selling had been spreading news to ppl in my circle and start using my name as a 'stepping stone' telling them he is my friend and thus can be trust. I reckon that Vincent Cheong of Nirvana Stupa only protect rights of his own agents dealers and thus not associated with any fb virtual friends in my friend list who are dealers too. Kindly hope you could stop using my name into the picture as we are of different league & level. So plus kindly go build yr own reputation as what all other old dealers had done for their own and not 'borrowing ties' as i don't really know u that well or that u knows me as that close as per what u had told others.

I am sure u should be reading this too and i will not wish to expose yr identity to let known of your intentions.

Thank you very much & thinks for bearing with me.

If you are looking for recent listing on Amulet sales, please refer to "Archived of Past Activities" which located at the right sided of your screen and click on "◄◄▬ 2014 ▬►►" and select on the months.

Or else you may click on "Promotion & Sales" which located at top of the page for older listing.

Thank you!

Important announcement!

Although there are few members here who when joining this group had already declared that they are dealers (also my customers) and also some who are initial members and turned dealers lately vice versa. We hereby wish to announce pls kindly don't assume that the stocks are supplied by us or is our agents. At the present moment, Bro Eugenetan Kx and Bro Gerald Teo are the only 2 persons which i am supplying to.

We will not hold responsible authencity for any stocks which are sold from individual members here who are selling their own stocks outside or in FaceBook concerned and even have our names associated with items that are not sold from here. For verification whether the item is from us, do kindly pm us to ensure.

Thanks for spending a moment to read.

Nirvana Stupa

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