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Phra Pikanet Lang Phra Phom (Ganesha in the front & Brahma behind) of Kong Luang Sri La Prakhon (Fine arts design) Be2552. Sri La Prakhon (Uni of Fine arts) had been designing and making Phra Pikanet since Be2547 since and ususally many organisations will bid to be become the main sponsor of the batch which includes CP, TV3 TV5 & TV7 of Thailand and then famous monks being invited to mass bless in the ceremony.

The unique part of this material is that every batch of Phra Pikanet uses mint meaning old coins which was return to Monetary Authority as approved by thr Thai King and melted mixed with copper to do it thus if u notice, every batch having material as in Pewter copper mixed mint.

Another unique part is that based on Thep, the behind is Phra Taowesunook Kang (God of Building & Engineering) which a transform of Phra Phrom (in Wat Chulamanee, this image they termed as Phra Na Phra) and mearnt for creation of new hopes thus blending with the effects of Phra Pikanet which is mearnt for wealth, luck and most important clearing obstacles in the path.

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