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These antique lockets are consider as the 1st batch of ceramic lockets of Phra Chinaraj (Victory Buddha aka 成功佛) ever made in history of amulets making.

*During Be2515 time, this are the most basic and simple locket design during that reign and as mentioned before, all are copper plates with ceramic coated and burn baked to harden the surface therefore signs of 烧青 will be present at the lockets as shown in the pics on the back of the lockets*

1st batch lockets Be2515 Full complete set of 3 colors of Phra Luang Phor Chinaraj of Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahatat (Wat Yai), the original famous Phra Chinaraj temple of Phitsanuloke.

These lockets are consercated on 20th January Be2515 with 109 monks in total and was done by orders from the Royal family with the presence of the 9th King at the ceremony (lighting the candles to start the ceremony)

Another big mass chanting ceremony in history as recorded for such a big event in consercation history. The consercation also makes the re-opening ceremony of the famous Phra Tat Chedi of Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahatat which was originally built hundred years back then by orders of Black Prince (Phra Somdej Naresuan) when he won the war against Burma invasion which bookmarked a very important pt in history of Thailand which also comes the original image of Phra Chinaraj (Buddha with Naga behind) to mark this victorious war of Phra Somdej Naresuan which til todate it was termed as Victory Buddha meaning whoever worship this image will get success in life and wishes obtained.

Monks that are being invited to the consercation ceremony were cafefully selected for this big event (we are refering to the presnnce of the 9th King, only well known monks are being recommended) and they includes (those with * are those which most locals maybe familiar with as some are famous in Thailand but locals are unknown of their existence)

*LP Pae Wat Pikulthong, Singburi*
LP Thong Wat Pa Pan, Singburi
*LP Ngern Wat Don Yai Hom, Nakhon Pathom*
LP Nak Wat Tat Sa Na Lun Sung Tat Lit Karam, Bkk
*LP Daeng Wat Kao Bandai It, Petchaburi*
*LP Hom Wat Chan Mak, Rayong*
LP Suk Wat Pho Thathong, Buririam
LP Sod, Wat Har Nam Sakon, Chainat
LP Chern Wat Tham Nat Nuer, Nontaburi
LP Boon Wat Wang Manow, Rachaburi
LP Yu, Wat Mai Nong Phra Om, Samut Sakhon
LP Krab, Wat Kok Kart, Samut Sakhon
LP Charoen, Wat Thong Nok Pa Khun, Petchaburi
LP Ping Wat Bod Gung Ta Nor, Lopburi
LP Chern Wat Kong Ta Lao, Lopburi
LP Kham Wat Bam Long Tang, Saraburi
LP Pang Wat Ra Chaoren, Saraburi
*LP Mui Wat Don Rai, Supanburi*
*LP Ting Wat Palelai, Supanburi*
LP Gep Wat Don Chedi, Supanburi
LP Khon Wat Pai Long Wa, Supanburi
LP Kee Wat Huchang, Nontaburi
Phra Aharn Sompod Wat Saleeko, Nontaburi
LP Sang Wean Wat Mahatat, Bkk
Ajarn Wi Lit Yang Wat Tham Mongkhun, Bkk
Phra Thep Soh Phom Wat Chanat Songkham, Bkk
*LP Tae Wat Sang Ngam, Nakhon Pathom*
LP Lek Wat Nong Ding Daeng, Nakhon Pathom
LP Bian Wat Chai Chumphon, Kanchanaburi
*LP Utama Wat Wang Wiwakekaram, Kanchanaburi*
LP Thiang Wat Mong Chum, Kanchanburi
*LP Nerng Wat Chulamanee, Samut Songkham*
Ajarn Phom Wat Chak Kawat Rachawat, Bkk
Kruba Fai Wat Pan Onn, Chiangmai
Kruba Singkham Wat Chedi Sathang, Chiangmai
LP Boon Mee Wat Thasathoy, Chiangmai
LP Saeng Wat Tha Hen, Lampang
LP Meung Wat Tha Hen, Lampang
LP Boon Chut Wat Kok Walok Karam, Lampang
*LP Kasem Wat Susan Tirak, Lampang*
LP Boon Sung Wat Hua Khwang, Lampang
LP Chaoren Wat Tham Putsa, Khamphengphet
*LP Joy Wat Sri Udomphom, Nakhon Sawan*
*LP Phrom Wat Chongkae, Nakhon Sawan*
LP Ord Wat Changsen, Nakhon Sawan
*LP See Wat Tham Kao Boon Nak, Nakhon Sawan*
LP Kat Wat Tha Bod, Chainat
*LP Kway Wat Korsitaram, Chainat*
LP Zuan Wat Nong Sung, Singburi
LP Duang Wat Thong, Singburi
LP Toh Wat Sakaet Chaiyo, Angtong
LP Ord Wat Baan Chang, Ayutthaya
LP Cheang Wat Wang Daeng Nuer, Ayutthaya
*LP Tim Wat Phra Kao, Ayutthaya*
*LP Mee Wat Munwichai, Ayutthaya*
LP Nor Wat Klang Ta Lier, Ayutthaya
*LP Nai Wat Baan Jerng, Ayutthaya*
LP Tiang Wat Kasert Tratirak, Ayutthaya
LP Lub Mong Wat Sadek, Prathum Thani
LP Ming Wat Kob, Bkk
LP Seng Wat Noi Nang Hong, Bkk
*LP Toh Wat Pradoochimplee, Bkk*
Phra Kru Pawana Pilom Wat Paknam, Bkk
LP Seng Wat Kalaya, Bkk
LP Doe Wat Na Mak Toe, Chonburi
*LP Tim Wat Lahanrai, Rayong*
LP Aung Wat Kok Ra, Phrachup
Phor Tan Yen Wat Kok Sak thong, Pattalung
Phor Tan Boon Lok, Wat Pradoo Patana Lum, Nakhon Sithamarat
*Phra Ajarn Nam Wat Don Sala, Pattalung*
*LP Kong Wat Baan Suan, Pattalung*
*LP Song Wat Chao Fai Sila Loi, Chumphon*

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