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Introducing another retro guru of the lineage of LP Jong Wat Natangnok. LP Mien of Wat Pho Kob Chao, Ayutthaya is one of the main 3 disciples of LP Jong besides LP Mee Wat Munwichai and LP Tim Wat Phra Kao and often these 3 gurus are often together and invite each other for theor blessing ceremonies or being all 3 invited for major consercation ceremonies involved as due to they are well known and truly recognised students of the father of Ayutthaya wicha who is LP Jong.

Today posting is Phra Somdej Maha Larp (great luck) Be2539 of the late LP Mien (who passed away in Be2544 then). The speciality of this somdej is the material used. Phong Puttakhun of LP Mien (which was taught by LP Jong) and the best part ! Fragments, stones and materials of old Bangkhunphon which was chanted by Somdej Toh of Wat Rakang is added to this batch !

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