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Phra Khunphaeng Ork Seuk special batch as in Lang Darp.

This batch was 1st made and chanted by 108 Archans, Somparn Normo's spirit and Archan Thong Tao spirit (through the Mediums) at Wat Baan Suan on 12 March year Be2510 and then was being mass consercated at Wat Tham Kho Nguen on 8 Febuary year Be 2511.

This one is Phra Khunpaen that Ajarn Chum made in purpose to help Wat Khao Thalom, Chumporn province to gathering fund, same ceremony as Phra Roobmuen Archan Thongthao Khao Or and Pidta Normo, made of Sacred Wan 108 collected from all over country and sacred powder made from Yan of Khao Or Book 108 duangs.

This Pim was ordered by Luang Pu Khong's spirit (teacher to Khunphaeng) thru a medium to make amulet this kind of model, size 1.9 X 3.4 c.m. ."Darp Fah Fuen" (Khunpaen's Swords) with Yan on back.

This model also the prototype of "Khong Chai Chum" batch that later made in B.E.2512-2513, some of them were re-chanted again too.

As for Second Khao Or chanting ceremony on 8 Febuary year Be 2511 at Wat Tham Khao Nguen, Chumporn, by Khun Phan, Ajarn Chum and LP Daeng of Wat Tham Khao Nguen as main Creators. (After ceremonies, this model of Khunpaens were gave to Luangphor Daeng Wat KhaoThalom). This event has gathered Best of Southern Keji Monks, the Khao-Orr's method ceremony, Phra Archan Num Wat Donsala, LP.Khong Wat Bahnsuan, Phra Archan Pal Wat Khao Orr, LP.Mun Wat Khao Daeng, Phra Palad Puang Wat Prasartnikorn, LP.Kloi Wat Thamkhaonguen, Ajarn Chum Chai Khiri and Khun Phan Rajadej.

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