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Super limited 170pcs made ONLY 1st batch Phra Somdej 3 tier of Mai Niu Dum (Black Wood) Be2521 of LP Thongdum Wat Tham Tapianthong ! Guarantee Black wood as u can use thinner to rub on it to see if it is painted or in it's natural color as this natural wood is always a great choice since the past to make sacred objects to improve it's effectiveness.

Behind already being yant by LP himself but had spoken to Luang Phor Thongdum, upon bringing these rare pcs to him, he will blessed and put extra sacred powder on it !

Only left 28pcs well kept by an old disciple !!!

This batch was chanted together with 9 famous masters of that era naming few that most of the best

LP Toh Wat Pradochimplee (famous pidta maker)
Phor Tan Kling Wat Thalungthong (senior of Kao Or)
LP Suk Wat Kalong (master of the bandit Di Yai, and best wicha of Yant Takraw)
LP Ya Wat Bandan (famous for his wicha against evil and spirits)
LP Ting Wat Palelai
LP Ping Wat Bod GongTanu
LP Mong Wat Prasert Yea Neua

This batch was blessed 2 times before releasing. All round purposes though luck and smooth sailing are the main effects.

As mentioned, only 28pcs of the total 170pcs made available for rent and NO MORE spare !!!

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