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In history of Hindu, there are 3 lords being Lord Brahma (4 faced Buddha) being the creator which build up resources and create good things, Lord Shiva (Phra Vishnu) being preserver which to retain the good things while lastly, Lord Shiva (Phra Isuan) being destroyer which eliminate the bad things.

In year B.E.2545 Devasathan Bost Bhram (Bhrama Temple) has renovate 3 shrines - Phra Isuan's, Phra Narai's, Phra Bikhanes's.

Phra Rajakru VamThepmuni has made 3 type of amulets from mixture of old terracotta roof includes Phra Isuan, Phra Narai and Phra Pikanet Bikhanesuan with Shrine's roof crushed with Ruby sand, incense dust from Karachi, India., Sandalwood Dust to form the amulet, then dip in Holy water from 3 sacred places which was from Rattanakosin 220 years old Holy water, Bhrama Temple 110 years old Holy water and water of Ganges river.

This batch is one of the best Brahma amulets made so far in amulet history of Thailand having the gd materials & many good experiences achieved.

Many of Bhramas and Buddhist monks come join this chanting ceremony.

The famous monks includes :

LP Luang Wat Pa Samranniwas Lampang
LP Paiboon Wat Analayo Phayao
LP Woon Wat Tankong Phetchaburi
LP Hong of Susan Thungmon Surin
Phra Archan Singthon Narasapho Wat Buddha Chinnaraj USA
LP Chamnan Wat Bangkuthithong
Phra Kru palad Weerawat Wat Yannawa
Phra Kru Pramotesarakhun Wat Bangthanai, Phra Kru Medta Thammakhun Wat Pholuen

This ceremomy was chanted on 18th to 21st May BE 2545

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