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Many may not knows that Luang Pu See Wat Tham Kao BoonNak, Nakhon Sawan who is in fact the teacher of Luang Pu Sod of Wat Paknam, Luang Pu Moon of Wat Baan Jaan, Luang Pu Waen of Wat Doi Maephang, LP Phrom of Wat Chongkae, LP Lersi Lingdum of Wat Taa Sung, LP Kway of Wat Korsitaram etc

Luang Pu See lives to an old ripe age of 127 yrs old and bestow as Arahang of 7 holy places and gd experiences from his blessed items was widely know. In the market, his 1st batch rian had already zoom in prices since.

Functions being Metta Mahaniyom (Loving kindness), Maha Larp (Great Wealth) & Klaew Klaad (avoid danger and protection) was chanted.

This amulet uses the material of powder made in 1st and 2nd batches of Wat Paknam as donated by his student which is the great Luang Pu Sodh and also another main ingredient (which many nowadays dun mind paying high price) is the betel nuts chewed by Luang Pu which many katha was chanted before spitting out.

Other sacred ingredients are as follows:

1) 108 types of mystical herbs
2) Lotus flowers offered to Pra Sothorn at Wat Sothorn
3) Burnt powder from joss sticks offered to Somdej Puttajarn Toh Prommarangsri of Wat Rakang
4) Flowers offered to Pra Kaew (Emerald Buddha)of Wat Prakaew
5) Flowers offered to Sleeping Buddha of Wat Poh

Roop Om by Luang Pu was even been tested by Generals at Nakhon Sawan (when LP was alive) using Colt Semi Automatic guns (magazine type) which load with 22 rounds but none was fired even it is cocked and trigger pulled many times when to shot again the roop om.

There is a true story which a devotee (native of Nakhon Sawan) of Luang Pu See went to pay respects to Luang Pu Waen of Wat Doi Maepang and ask if LP had any gd amulets with him. LP Waen replied that why come so far here which u already met a gd and powderful master? The person ask who is it? LP Waen replied that : 'Is with u, u r wearing his amulet' which infact the devotee is wearing amulet of Luang Pu See and LP Waen always tell his devotees that he wish to learn from Luang Pu See.

Luang Pu See is held with great esteem by gurus such as Luang Pu Waen of Wat Doi Maepang, Luang Phor Prom of Wat Chongkae, Luang Phor Lersi Lingdam etc many whom invited Luang Pu See in their the blessing of their batches for his wicha.

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