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My last item of Luang Pu Suang sold was last year in June 2015 in this group then.

For those who are new to Luang Pu Suang, here is a biography.

Biography of Luang Pu Suang

Luang Pu Suang led a solitary and somewhat mysterious life and he is known for his eccentricities. His amulets are also very well-known to be inherently powerful with KongKrapan properties e.g. invulnerability protection, and efficacious associated with extreme luck and fortune.

It was claimed that his amulets has many purposes that bring multiple blessings ranging from ChokLaap i.e. luck, wealth and fortune to “SianChok” extreme luck in all forms of gambling. However, we must be fully aware of the fact that Buddhism never encourages intoxication in line with the 5th Precept – To refrain from intoxication to the mind. The 5th precept is not only limited to alcohol abuse but also delighting in gambling as both indulgence can cause harmful effects and mind corruption. So far we haven’t heard of any so-called “reliable amulets” that can bring sure-win luck for gamblers. If that is the case, no casinos in the world would allow people who wear such talismans into their gambling premises. But to say it can help to increase one’s luck and fortune makes more sense. But in return one must put in effort to make the door open for luck and fortune to come in. Surely it is not by an easy way of garnering fortune by gambling.

His first generation amulets were created in B.E.2519 (1976 AD) is getting rare in the amulet market today. There are 2 generations of amulets created by Luang Pu Suang that is backed by contemporary collectors. The second generation was created in B.E.2539 (1996 A.D.). His second generation amulets was kept at Wat Suthat until B.E.2550 before released to the masses. Therefore, the price is still affordable. If you are not able to get the desired amulet generation, then try to follow the path of destiny and good practice in mastering the art of collecting.

From stories told by villagers in Cambodia, Luang Pu Suang also liked to watch ‘Gai Chon’ (cock fights), and that he would often be seen sitting watching such competitions, clapping and cheering the cockerels as they fought.

Whenever devotees would seek Luang Phor Suang, many of them would often ask him for numbers (used for lottery). In many occasions, people would win large amounts of money, using the numbers they received from Luang Pu Suang. Some people would then go and pay respects again to Luang Pu, and donate a large sum of their winnings to him. Sometimes he would take the wad of cash and just throw it into the marshes. In such cases, most people ran over to the spot where he had thrown it to retrieve it, but they were never able to find it again. On other occasions, he would take the money, but would ask to go for a drive in the car of the devotee, and then would throw the money out at poor people on the way.

In the times of the internal war in Cambodia, when many refugees were fleeing to Thailand, it is said that Luang Pu Suang would change into white clothes , and go out to help bring the Cambodian refugees over into safety on the Thai side. Luang Pu Suang would make safe places to cross, and stick a white flag in the ground at the place where the people would be able to cross safely. Nobody is ever hurt from shooting or bomb blasts whilst crossing in the safe places marked by Luang Pu Suang. '

After the war, Luang Pu Suang returned to stay in his Gratom (wooden shack) in the middle of the field in Khukhant. When people visited they would enter the village of Lalom Sadao and ask at the local stores if Luang Pu Suang was at the Gratom in the field. If he was there, the villagers would always know, and if not they would say he was away on one of his mysterious voyages. It is believed by many people that Luang Pu Suang is over 500 years old, for which reason has a nickname “Luang Pu Suang Ha Roy Pi – Jam Wat Tua Jakrawan” (Lp Suang 500 years old, who resides all over the Universe).

Luang Pu Suang was also known for his rather odd behavior; on one occasion, he was invited to bless a new shop which had opened. Luang Phor Suang performed the chanting ceremony and blessings, then, as he finished, he stood up and hoisted his robe, and proceeded to urinate in front of the shop. The shop owner saw this erratic behavior and quickly rushed to catch the urine, which he then sprayed all over the shop. The shop owner explained later that Luang Phor Suang’s urine was actually not warm like that of a normal human, and that it was cool like ice. When the lottery came out, the winning number was exactly the same as the number of the shop address.

On other occasions, Luang Pu Suang was invited to house blessings together with monks from other temples. After the ceremony, Luang Phor Suang would move to the center of the room and excreted some dungs. In most cases the house owner would rush over and lay something under him to catch the excrement, and then spread it out at all corners of their house. It is said that his dung had a pleasant aroma.

Another Thai synopsis, it is a common knowledge that Luang Pu Suang like to hitch ride with people. No local folks would ever dare to refuse him, for if they did the car would not start, or start and stop intermittently. Luang Pu Suang would let them drive him for long distances then ask to get out at the most unlikely places. Once he would get out of the car and walk a few paces, he would then disappear from sight mysteriously. Sometimes, Luang Phor Suang is said to be present at the Gratom at Ban Lalom, but is also unpredictably capable of disappearing for long periods of time, and nobody knows where he has disappeared to and those villagers who live thru generations passed down the description of Luang Pu and seems that he had lived on earth for 500 yrs thus termed as Thep Wa Da Len Din aka Angels playing on Earth.

Luang Pu passed away on 7th September Be2543 and it's undecomposed body was placed in a glass coffin at the temple for devotees to pray respects and whoever goes below the coffin will receive good luck.

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