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1st batch Roop Om (magical ball) Be2530 of the late Luang Phor Sakorn of Wat Nong Krub.

This roop om uses the same identical material (in the same mixing bowl) which was used to make the Be2530 1st batch Phra Khunphaeng which is abt at least 1500sgd for a pc. The reason for the well experience and effectiveness came from the powder was mixed with Nurphong Plaai Kuman of the late Luang Pu Tim Wat Lahanrai who was the master to Luang Phor Sakorn.

Due to the price of Phra Khunphaeng is very unaffordable to many thus these roop om which uses the same material could be replaced for wearing as at the end of the day, is not abt the image that counts, is abt the material and who chanted it ! And personally i prefer roop om as it doesn't bear any images meaning u can wear it BOTH above or below waist.

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