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Introducing another famous master of my time which many devour and having good experience in his amulets.

He is not other than the late LP Kong of Wat Wangsapparos od Chantaburi province.

What feature todate is Kamagan box set of Be2527 (32 years ago). All well kept and preserved. Within the set there are 3 amulets being a Gelaithong (gold plated) longya rian, a somdej roop meung (behind inserted with black rice grain), and a traditional pour mold Tiger.

Don't be fooled by the simple look of this items. Sacred items of LP Kong have already been well experienced for all fields including tragic shootings and car crashes came unharmed with the greatest luck !

Short biography of Luang Phor Kong, Wat Wangsapparos to those who may be unfamilar to him.

Luang Phor Kong was born on 20th September, Be 2445.

Luang Phor Kong learnt the sacred arts and science from his grandfather, Luang Kiriket and during his early monkhood, studied under 3 famous teachers in that era, namely Luang Pu Mai of Wat Marp Pai, Luang Pu Umm of Wat Stan Noi and Luang Pu Joy of Wat Pong Rong Sean.

During the 2nd World War, with people from Burma and Thailand suffering from the turmoil of war, Luang Phor Kong decided to consecrate more amulets to bless and protect people from harm during the warring years. One famous incident documented in the Thai newspapers during that time reported that a person was shot in Nong Khai province in the North East of Thailand, but was not hurt and miraculously survived the ordeal.

There is a reason for the unique design which is often depicted in Luang Phor Kong amulets, that of Lord Buddha and the tiger. During that time, Luang Phor Kong knew that there was a tiger spirit in the area which possesses the ability to change into the form of a male/female human, with the evil intention of luring people out of their homes and take their lives. Luang Phor Kong, being learned in magical arts, promptly put an end to the terror and danger posed to the locals by subduing the tiger spirit.

Since then, in commemoration and recognition of this particular incident, and indeed, of his power and ability to protect the people against ghosts and evil spirits, most Luang Phor Kong amulets and kreung lang were depicted with the image of Lord Buddha, the tiger and various yantra as the predominant distinctive style and design that we see today.

LP Kong once mentioned, that if one was to wear any amulets or kreung lang consecrated by him, that person will not see/encounter ghosts or evil spirits.

Luang Phor Kong was very well respected by the locals in Chantaburi, despite his poor health which resulted from travelling long distances as he was often invited for amulet blessing for temples located in other provinces and the capital.

In Be 2506, Luang Phor Kong was invited to participate in the mass chanting of various types of amulets, which included LP Thuad and Phra Somdej in Wat Prasat. After the consecration ceremony, he was presented with 200 pieces of Phra Somdej with red ink chops at the back of the amulets for distribution at his temple.

In Be 2508, Luang Phor Kong was appointed the chief monk of Wat Wangsapparos, Chantaburi. Besides subduing ghosts and evil spirits, Luang Phor Kong was also equipped with the knowledge of curing the sick with traditional herbal medicine.

Luang Phor Kong passed away aged 87 years, on 25th September, Be 2532.

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