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Rian 1st batch of Luang Ta Lom (aka Rod) which he uses his savings personally to make in Be2556 when he was an abbot in Surin province before he decide go Tudong and uses his wicha to help villagers to build temples. Material is of thongdaeng plated nickel.

The rian behind bears the mystical yant of Hua Jai (Heart Mantra) Phra Put Ta Chao (Buddha) of 2559 years history. A mantra which is long lost then and was taught to him by an old master which pass him the manuals and disappear next day without knowing who is the old master. Infact if u look properly, the wordings on the rian are totally different as the usual words which u may see !

According to the earlier demo and videos shown, i supposed many are quite confident and sure of the wicha that Luang Ta possessed. Including i myself which i dare confidently let Luang Ta performed kronkrapan on me. As according to Luang Ta, for those who have evil or bad energy (bad luck etc) when 1stly wear the rian will feel 'heavy' at the neck meaning the rian seems heavy but after that it will be lighter by itself.

The wicha and mantra within the rians can be used for several ways including luck, avoiding danger, metta, senah, against evil, backstabbers etc easier to say is all up to us how we ask the 'rian' to help us.

***Can only be wore above waist !!!***

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