Archan Keow's Biography

Grand Master Archan Keow (Manee Saitong Dee) is a 52 year old White Robe Arjan (Kalawat), born in Saraburi but later moved to the Bangkok. Archan Keow started his magicals skills as early as the age of 19 yrs with the renowned Archan Chum Chaikiri. Perfection of his skills with Archan Chum for 6 years until the latter passed away in BE 2525. After which Archan Keow continued his studies on Wicai with Archan Thoy Walawit (a direct lineage from Great Master Archan Tiang Muamana), Archan Thoy, seeing the former with a kind & straight character, undoubtfully passed his fully learnt skills as taught by Phor Tiang to Archan Keow to pass on the lineage of Great Master Phor Tiang due today. In addition, that made Archan Keow the only disciple of Master Thoy as recognised till date.

This pic taken in BE 2519, where AC Keow was accepted as a direct disciple to AC Chum

AC Chum passed away on 9th August BE2525 but later then cremated in BE 2530

Grandmaster AC Thoy; AC Keow's mentor, the most recognised direct lineage disciple of Phor Thiang.

With over 20 years of experiences in wichai & other formidable skills, AC Keow is more than qualified to perform several rituals and apply Sakyant to devotees. As always being invited by temple to perform consercation of amulets due to his popularity & experienced in magic skills. Besides that, Master Keow is also being invited to Malaysia to perform Sakyant & rituals.

Arjan also consecrates holy items from time to time which most items are are hand made & crafted which made them limited in amount. Amulets such “Tao” or wealth fetching turtle which enhances luck in career and general. The Chin Cok Song Hoo (2 tailed gecko) is made for metta mahaseneh and mahaniyom (opposite sex attraction and better relationships). Lastly Yant Zhao Zyaw (Millionaire Yantra) to be hang in the office, shop or a residence to attract wealth to the household or business.

Besides Sakyant Arjan also gives blessings and writes yantra to your personal or religious artifacts to enhance its efficaciousness or to provide you with peace and protection. He also does gold foil pasting amongst other personal or other elaborate customized rituals on a case to case basis.

Additional information is also available at AC Keow @ Wordpress

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